Thursday, 4 September 2008

Newspapers : 4th September (en)

Spain freezes party officials' salaries in bid to save money. Fiona Govan, The Telegraph (en)
Stalin rational, says Russian textbook. Chris Irvine, The Telegraph (en)

US commits $1bn in aid to Georgia. The independent (en)
"...a US Navy flagship sailed toward Georgia with a cargo of humanitarian aid, ignoring Moscow's complaints. The USS Mount Whitney, the flagship of the Navy's 6th Fleet in the Mediterranean, crossed through the Dardanelles and Bosporus into the Black Sea, which Russia shares with three Nato nations and two others seeking to join the alliance: Georgia and Ukraine..."

Russia reviews trade deals after conflict. Alan Beattie and Luke Peterson, The FT (en)
Barroso urges rewards for Serbia. Neil MacDonald, The FT (en)
Georgia sees survival in EU leadership. Tony Barber, The FT (en)
Analysis: Sphere of intolerance? Stefan Wagstyl, Roman Olearchyk and Jan Cienski, The FT (en)
EU court rules on suspected terror funds. Nikki Tait, The FT (en)

White House Unveils $1 Billion Georgia Aid Plan. Steven Lee Myers, The NYT (en) "
...The aid would dwarf the $63 million the United States provided to Georgia last year, roughly a third of it for training its soldiers, police officers and border guards. Excluding Iraq, the infusion would make Georgia one of the largest recipients of American foreign aid after Israel and Egypt. The United States has provided about $1.8 billion over all in the 17 years since Georgia gained independence from the collapsing Soviet Union. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (...) said that $570 million of the aid would be made available this year...
...The American military has so far delivered $30 million in emergency aid (...) The new announcement followed a pledge by the European Union this week to contribute funds to Georgia’s reconstruction, and an agreement by the International Monetary Fund to provide Georgia with $750 million in financing ..."

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