Monday, 30 June 2008

Comment N : American Nuclear Weapons on EU Soil.

Le Monde 2008
The 8 Airbone Bases where are Stocked all American Nuclear Weapons.

French EU Presidency : 30th of June

Paris got ready to take over the EU presidency. Service Europe-France, Le Monde (fr)
M. Sarkozy want to anchor his presidency with concrete measures. Arnaud Leparmentier, Le Monde (fr)
The French presidency of the EU starts in a tensed atmosphere following the Irish 'No'. Henri de Bresson and Philippe Ricard, Le Monde (fr)
Pierre Sellal, the French Man in Brussels. Arnaud Leparmentier, Le Monde (fr)

Today's Links: 30th of June 2008
The Decline of the White Man, par Eric Le Boucher, Le Monde (fr) ***
Spain bursts with joy for their 'Campeones'. Elizabeth Nash, The Independent (en)
Farmers praise GM crops in EU study. Vanessa Mock, The Independent (en)
Sarkozy stirs revolt against Mandelson. John Lichfield, The Independent (en)
Producers in the pink as 'youthful' rosé becomes a French fashion. John Lichfield, The Independent (en)
French gloom deepens but don't pay attention. Charles Bremer, The Times (en)
Sarkozy feeling the heat as top chef exits. Matthew Campbell, The Times (en)
Critical court case for Turkey's ruling party. Suna Erdem, The Times (en)
MEPs’ champagne ‘study days’ cost £200,000. Nicola Smith, The Times (en)
Brussels to sign away private details to US. David Leppard, The Times (en)
Eurozone inflation jumps to 4%. Gerrit Wiesmann, The FT (en)
Germany expecting tight budget. Bertrand Benoit, The FT (en)
Spaniards celebrate Euro 2008 win. The FT (en)
Turkish court case worries EU. Vincent Boland, The FT (en)
Medvedev changes summit tone. Neil Buckley, The FT (en)
Editorial comment: Hope for a thaw from Siberia. Edito, The FT (en)
Russian Shift: A European Charm Campaign. Stephen Castle, The NYT (en)

Friday, 27 June 2008

Comment M : Arianna Huffington

French EU Presidency : 27th of June

Today's Links: 27th of June

The ratification game. The Economist (en)
Turkey: Paper soldiers. The Economist (en)
Slovakia and the Euro: Always the same winners. The Economist (en)
Lech Walesa : History’s tentacles. The Economist (en)
Germany : Sorb story. The Economist (en)
The unanimity problem. Charlemagne, The Economist (en)
The importance of being in earnest. The Economist (en)
It's official: 'Goya work' was painted by his pupil. Elizabeth Nash, The Independent (en) ***
Plight of the Roma: echoes of Mussolini. Peter Popham, The Independent (en)
Forced price cuts would end free handsets, phone firms tell Brussels. Richard Wray, The Guardian (en)
Be bold, Europe, or remain a fat, rich political pygmy. David Marquand, The Guardian (en)
Poland seeks to appease EU on shipyards. Jan Cienski and Nikki Tait, The FT (en)
Eurozone money supply growth points to rate rise. Gerrit Wiesmann, The FT (en)
A showcase of modern Russia’s aspirations. Neil Buckley, The FT (en)
Greenhouse gas plan irks airlines. Nikki Tait, The FT (en)
Germany eyes legal help for start-ups. Hugh Williamson, The FT (en)
EU unveils plans to boost small businesses. Nikki Tait, The FT (en)
Greenland Denied on Whale Hunt. The NYT (en)

Thursday, 26 June 2008

French EU Presidency : 26th of June

Sarkozy gets it in the neck for presidential gift. Alasdair Sandford, The Guardian (en)
French people sceptical on Sarkozy abilities to relaunch the EU. Henri de Bresson and Anne Rodier, Le Monde (fr)

Today's Links : 26th of June 2008
"Mean Tricks between Friends:
- Did you read it? Europe wants to protect 'Tunas' (an Ugly woman in french slang)."

Ireland searches for answers over failed Lisbon vote. David McKittrick, The Independent (en)
Dig shows Paris is 3,000 years older than first thought. John Lichfield, The Independent (en)
UK: A cosy club that continues to set itsown rules. The Independent (en)
EU leaders sent to Siberia for talks. Tony Halpin in Khanty-Mansiisk, The Times (en)
Paris wants less light. Charles Bremmer, The Times (en)
Berlusconi calls judiciary 'cancerous growth'. Richard Owen, The Times (en)
Irish voters show support for EU . Rory Watson, The Times (en)
Ireland's 'no' vote: a big earthquake. Anatole Kaletsky, The Times (en)
Sovereign funds: the wealth of nations. Leading Article, The Times (en)
Strong Economy and Labor Shortages Are Luring Polish Immigrants Back Home. Carter Dougherty, The NYT (en)
A Forecast of Violence in a Neighbor of Chechnya. Michael Schwirtz, The NYT (en)Spanish PM called on to explain slowdown. Mark Mulligan, The FT (en)
Trichet rejects oil price link to trading. Tony Barber, The FT (en)
Eurozone growth fears as inflation bites. Ralph Atkins, The FT (en)
Europe warned not to provoke Tehran. Najmeh Bozorgmehr, The FT (en)
Paris makes energy its top EU aim. John Thornhill, The FT (en)
Editorial comment: Oh no, not again. The FT (en)
France scraps public TV adverts. Peggy Hollinger, The FT (en)
France, one of the two favorite European targets for terrorists. J.C, Le Figaro (fr)
EU-Russia Summit in the Siberian Eldorado. Fabrice Nodé-Langlois, Le Figaro (fr)
McCreevy, démission! Jean Quatremer, Les Coulisses de Bruxelles (fr)
The end of the Irish Economical Miracle. Marc Roche, Le Monde (fr)

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Comment K : Ratification Map of the Lisbon Treaty

Dark Green: Parlementary Ratification
Light Green: Ratification in progress
Red: Treaty rejected

Enveloppe: Ratification via a referendum
Le 2008

Comment J : Nicolas and Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, united by a Pen

Nicolas et Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, unis par les liens du stylo
Video sent by LePostfr French Verbatim by Guy Birenbaum (le, English translation by EuropeanStreet:

Nicolas Sarkozy : Carla, veux tu t'asseoir/signer juste à côté de moi?.
Nicolas Sarkozy : Carla, do you want to sit next to me?

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy : ...

Shimon Peres (parlant du stylo) : Vous pouvez le garder...
Shimon Peres (talking about the pen) : You can keep it

CBS : Il/Nous pouvons le garder ?!
CBS : He/we can keep it?!

Nicolas Sarkozy : Elle doit signer de son nouveau nom...
Nicolas Sarkozy : She has to sign with her new name...

Shimon Peres : Pourquoi ?
Shimon Peres : Why?

CBS ... Nous venons de nous marier..
CBS ... We just got married ....

Shimon Peres : Ahhhhh yehhhh !
Shimon Peres : Ahhhhh yehhhh !

Nicolas Sarkozy : ... Cela change son nom ...
Nicolas Sarkozy : ... Her name Changed ...

CBS : J'ai changé de nom ! CBS : I changed my name !

Today's Link: 24th of June

Mediterranean resorts menaced as stinging jellyfish arrive early. John Lichfield, The Independent (en)
Fury as Mandelson is made scapegoat for Irish 'no' vote. Andrew Grice, The Independent (en)
Sarkozy tries to win new friends with populist vision. John Lichfield, The Independent (en) ***
EU gives Ireland an ultimatum – find a solution to treaty 'no' vote. Andrew Grice, the Independent (en)
Brown pushes EU to allow more modified animal feeds. Andrew Grice, The Independent (en)
Eurozone's stagnant growth and inflation present rates dilemma. Gráinne Gilmore, The Times (en)
Nicolas Sarkozy heralds new era in Israel-France relations with Iran threat. Sheera Frenkel, The Times (en)
The Ukrainian 'genocide by starvation'. Tony Halpin, The Times (en) ***
Zapatero predicts end to football curse with 3-2 victory for Spain v Italy. Thomas Catan and Richard Owen, The Times (en) **
No meeting of minds in Jeddah. Dilip Hiro, The Times (en)
Lisbon impasse dents EU-Russia hopes. Tony Barber, The FT (en)
European role in secret US flights criticised. Stephen Fidler, The FT (en)
Sarkozy offers troops to aid Mideast peace. Tobias Buck and Ben Hall, The FT (en)
Stagflation fears in eurozone rise. Ralph Atkins, The FT (en)
Nestlé asks EU to soften line on GM. Raphael Minder, Andrew Bounds and Jenny Wiggins, The FT (en)
French watchdog fears for reactor project skills. Peggy Hollinger, The FT (en) ***
Mandelson hits back at Sarkozy criticism. Stefan Wagstyl, The FT (en)
Berlin bars Paris from Germany’s Fort Knox . Paul Betts and Andrew Jack, The FT (en)
Italy’s ‘Robin Hood’ swoops again. Paul Betts, The FT (en)
ECB looks to learn lessons of past. Ralph Atkins, The FT (en) **
Air Travel and Carbon on Increase in Europe. Elisabeth Rosenthal, The NYT (en)
E.U. Backs Sanctions on Iran, Freezes Bank Assets. John Ward Anderson, The Washington Post (en)
Turkey : new crossroads center for Energy policies. Guillaume Perrier, Le Monde (fr)
French people pessimistic on the French EU presidency. CJ, Le Figaro (fr)
Berlusconi's Coalistion already starting to stumble. Richard Heuze, Le Figaro (fr)
Les « coopérations renforcées », un mythe ?. Jean Quatremer, Les Coulisses de Bruxelles (en)

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Comment J: Notice

I will be away from Friday 20th to Monday 23th included. I will not be able to udpdate the website during this 4 Days. I apologize for any inconvenience.

French Presidency's Links: 19th of June

New Challenges for European Union’s Next Presidency After the Defeat in Ireland. Steven Erlanger, The NYT (en)
M. Con-Bendit: "There is an uncertainty surrounding the French Presidency of the EU". Interview, Le Monde (fr)
Europe : "Il est urgent d'éviter de nouveaux bricolages institutionnels". Hubert Vedrine, Le Monde (fr)
In the French-German Intimacy. Laure Mandeville, Le Figaro
Sarkozy Called to succeed the 'Europe via evidences'. Alain Barluet, Le Figaro

Comment I: After the 'No'

The Times 2008
Options for cleaning up yet another fine mess. Ciaran Toland, The Irish Independent (en)
The FT 2008

Today's links: 19th of June

Pressure on Czechs and Poles not to say ‘no’ to EU treaty too. David Sharrock and David Charter, The Times (en)
GM crops needed in Britain, says minister. Andrew Grice, The Independent (en)
Democratise Europe to win support. John Palmer, The Guardian (en)
Time to focus on Europe’s success. Editorial Comment, The FT (en)
Brown bears good news to Sarkozy on treaty. George Parker and Ben Hall, The FT (en)
EU urged to show it still has muscle. Tony Barber, The FT (en)
Comment: France’s radical rethink on defence. François Heisbourg, The FT (en)
Comment: What dream will Europe dream now? Charles Wyplosz, The FT (en)
Paris wades in to protect industrial heritage. Paul Betts and James Wilson, The FT (en)
E.U. Passes Tough Migrant Measure. Caroline Brothers, The NYT (en)
E.U. Moves to Standardize Immigrant Policy. Molly Moore, The Washington Post (en)

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Today's links: 17th of June

The EU reveals its anti-democratic nature. The Telegraph (en)
EU leaders firm on ratification despite Ireland's rejection. Andrew Grice and Vanessa Mock, The Independent (en)
Europe urged not to turn away Iraqi refugees. Claire Soares, The Independent (en)
Amsterdam coffee shops say tobacco ban is blow to business. Peter Popham and Vanessa Mock, The Independent (en)
Sarkozy military plan unveiled. Allegra Stratton, The Guardian (en)
Europe's century. Parag Khanna and Alpo Rusi, The Guardian (en)
In Defense Policy, France Turns to U.S. and Europe. Steven Erlanger and Katrin Bennhold, The NYT (en)
EU faces fresh Lisbon delay. Tony Barber, The FT (en)
German investor confidence plunges . Ralph Atkins, The FT (en)
A better way with referendums. Bruce Ackerman and James Fishkin, The FT (en)
France to reduce armed forces by a fifth. Ben Hall, The FT (en)

Monday, 16 June 2008

Comment F: Sunday Newspapers are a Strong Tradition in UK

Today's Links: 16th of June

Tory MEP Den Dover faces quiz over cars worth £65,000. Nicola Smith and Jon Ungoed-Thomas, The Times (en)
Bush, Sarkozy: No Tuxedos Suits Them. Molly moore, The Washington Post (en)
L'Eufor ouvre le feu sur des rebelles tchadiens. Thierry Oberlé, Le Figaro (fr)

Special Report [16th of June] 'No'

EU leaders mount diplomatic offensive to keep Lisbon Treaty alive. Bruno Waterfiel, The Telegraph (en)
EU treaty: What next. Daniel Hanna, The Telegraph (en)
EU foreign ministers try to save rejected Lisbon Treaty after Ireland referendum. Bruno Waterfield and Rosa Prince, The Telegraph (en)
EU Treaty likely to be imposed by stealth despite Irish no vote. Bruno Waterfield and Rosa Prince, The Telegraph (en)
Irish anger at EU plans to press on with Lisbon Treaty despite No vote. Tom Peterkin, The Telegraph (en)
EU leaders move to keep treaty alive amid fears of permanent rift. John Lichfield in Paris and Colin Brown, The Independent (en)
Irish voters have stated the truth for all of us. Andreas Whittam Smith, The Independent (en)
Long love affair with Brussels comes to an end. David McKittrick , The Independent (en)
How my mother revealed the depth of EU's trouble. Katherine Butler, The Independent (en)
After this vote, Europe has little choice but to put its house in order. Leading article, The Independent (en)
What now for Europe? The EU's Irish problem. David McKittrick and Jane Merrick, The Independent (en)
The constitution is dead. Would it be so impolite to admit it? John rentoul, The Independent (en)
EU should take new route, says Miliband. Andrew Sparrow, The Guardian (en)
'I have witnessed how inherently undemocratic socialism was, and that is why I don't want an overweening EU'. Henry McDonald, The Guardian (en)
Q&A: Ireland's referendum on the EU reform treaty. Henry McDonald, the Guardian (en)
We forget at our peril. Peter Preston, The Guardian (en) ***
Taoiseach faces EU backlash over Lisbon. Henry McDonald and Ian Traynor, The Guardian (en)
True believers could quit EU. David Charter, The Times (en)
Irish leader under pressure to save treaty . David Charter and David Sharrock , The Times (en)
Real people 1, Eurocrats 0. Nicola Smith, Stephen O'Brien, Matthew Campbell and Jonathan Oliver, The Times (en)
Ireland Derails a Bid to Recast Europe’s Rules. By Sarah Lyall and Stephen Castle, The NYT (en)
Ireland Shoots Down Plan for a More Unified E.U. Kevin Sullivan, The Washington Post (en)
En Irlande, la peur de l'indépendance perdue. Marion Van Renterghem, Le Monde (fr)
An Opportunity for Europe? Editorial, Le Monde (fr)
Seven ideas to save Europe. Jean Quatremer, Liberation (fr)
«Revenir aux fondamentaux européens». Marc Semo, Liberation (fr)
Priorités. Fabrice Rousselot, Editorial, Liberation (fr)

Friday, 13 June 2008

Special Report [13th of June] "No" From the Irish Coast

EU referendum: the Irish noes have it. Daniel Hannan, The Telegraph (en)
EU referendum: Ireland votes against Lisbon Treaty. Tom Peterkin, The Telegraph (en)
Ireland set to throw out EU treaty. AP, The Independent (en)
Irish voters reject EU treaty. Henry McDonald and James Sturcke, The Guardian (en)
Irish EU referendum: what it means for Gordon Brown. Andrew Sparrow, The Guardian (en)
Why Ireland said no. Richard Delevan, The Guardian (en)
Ireland: Celtic Tiger bares its teeth over EU treaty. Allegra Stratton, The Guardian (en)
Irish Voters Appear to Reject Treaty on Europe. Eamon Quinn and Alan Cowell, The NYT (en)
Irish People Reject the Lisbon Treaty. Le Monde (fr)
«Irish spoke on Behalf of the French». Le Figaro (fr)

French EU Presidency: 13th of June

How France intends to meet all those EU presidency expectations. Jean Pierre jouyet, France’s Minister of State for European Affairs, Europe's World (en, fr)
The French EU Presidency. (en, de, fr) Official website of the French Presidency (en)

Today's links: Friday 13th of June

Ireland's EU treaty vote: Low turnout points to "No". Tom Peterkin, The Telegraph (en)
Europe holds its breath for result of Ireland's vote. David McKittrick, The Independent (en)
EU treaty hangs in balance as Ireland awaits referendum results. James Sturcke, The Guardian (en)
Gates Presses NATO on Missile Defense. Thom Shanker, The NYT (en)
Berlusconi Effusive in Welcoming President. Dan Eggen, The Washington Post (en)
Irish Wielding an Outsize Power in Europe. Kevin Sullivan, the Washington Post (en)
Turkey: A tragedy in the making. The Economist (en)
The Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank: Hawk alert. The Economist (en)
Fishy tales. Charlemagne, The Economist (en)
Turkey: Beyond the veil. The economist (en)
France poaches top climate change eurocrat. Andrew Bounds, The FT (en)
For peat’s sake no, argue Irish farmers. Tony Barber and John Murray Brown, the FT (en)
Are European bankers pushing up oil prices? Paul Betts, The FT (en)

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Today's Links: 12th of June

European Treaty: Irish plan to get around 'no' vote. Bruno Waterfield, The Telegraph (en)
German brewers hope for Euro 2008 win to boost sales. Harry de Quetteville, The Telegraph (en)
Miliband defends Lisbon Treaty. Anne Penketh, The Independent (en)
Neutrality, abortion and Dustin the turkey threaten to cause Irish referendum upset. Henry McDonald and Ian Traynor, The Guardian (en)
Today Ireland has a chance to change Europe's direction. Seumas Milne, The Guardian (en)
Q&A: Ireland's referendum on the EU reform treaty. Henry McDonald, The Guardian (en)
Truckers' fuel strike bites in Europe. Graham Keeley, the Guardian (en)
EU aims for low-carbon economy. David Gow, The Guardian (en)
Brussels raps Britain for excessive budget deficit. David Gow, The Guardian (en)
We must beef up the UN and the EU. George Robertson and Paddy Ashdown , The Times (en)
Irish 'yes' camp confident - if people come out for treaty vote. David Sharrock, The Times (en)
Irish to Vote on Complex European Union Treaty. Sarah Lyall, The NYT (en)
Top Secret Files Left on British Train. The NYT (en)
Terror Bill Passes Narrowly in Britain. John F Burns, The NYT (en)
Chemical Law Has Global Impact. Lyndsey Layton, The Washington Post (en)
ECB damps speculation on rate rise series. Ralph Atkins , The FT (en)
West warns of tighter Iran bank curbs. James Blitz, The FT (en)
Italy and France form ‘trade axis’. Guy Dinmore, The FT (en)
Brussels confirms cartel charges against GdF, Eon. the FT (en)
Fuel and food drive up east Europe inflation. Jan Cienski, Thomas Escrittand Robert Anderson, The FT (en)
Work must pay. Editorial Comment, The FT (en)
UK: Visa curbs ultimatum targets 11 countries. Jimmy Burns and Alex Barker, The FT (en)
Cartel fine doubled for repeat offender. Nikki Tait, The FT (en)
US and Germany warn Iran amid divisions. Bertrand Benoit, The FT (en)
GDF and E.ON received a grievance letter from the European Commission. Le monde (fr)
EnIn Slovenia, The Last Bush's EU US Summit Took Place in a Peaceful Atmosphere. Thomas Ferenczi, Le Monde (fr)
Bruxelles seeking to reinforce competition in the Energy Sector. Philippe Ricard, Le Monde (fr)
South America following EU ground tracks. Paulo A. Paranagua, Le Monde (fr)
"Europe: carpettes s'abstenir !" Sylvie Goulard (Mouvement Europeen), Le Monde (fr)
To Defeat the Eurosepticsm. Thomas Ferenczi, Le Monde (fr)

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Comment E: Less and Less Oil Discoveries Around the World. A challenge for the EU.

Le Monde, 23/05/2008 (fr)

Special Report [11th of June] on MEPs' Expenses Scandal in UK

Tories warn of more Euro expenses time bombs. Bruno Waterfield, The Telegraph (en)
Second Tory MEP Den Dover loses position over expenses. Bruno Waterfield, The Telegraph (en)
MEPs say Tory troubleshooter Hugh Thomas risks a timebomb of further sleaze disclosures. David Charter and Sam Coates, The times (en)
How to stop MPs' expenses scandals - let them spend what they want. James White, The Times (en)
Perks, privilege and power - the lifestyle to which MEPs have become accustomed. David Charter, The Times (en)
Tory MEP Sir Robert Atkins flew to wedding on expenses. Nicola Smith, The Times (en) David Cameron forces resignation of Giles Chichester after expenses scandal. David Charter, Francis Elliott and Dominic Kennedy, The Times (en)
Labour MEP Michael Cashman paid boyfriend '£8,000 a month from expenses'. Bruno Waterfield, The Telegraph (en) (moved from 10th of June post)
MEP 'used expenses to make donation to Tory party'. Ben Russell and James Macintyre, The independent (en) (10th of June post)
Half of Conservative Party MEPs ignoring expenses rules. Bruno Waterfield and Robert Winnett, The Telegraph (en) (moved from 9th of June post)
EU fiddles: How MEPs can exploit their expenses. The Telegraph (en) (9th of June post) The cost of Tory EU antics. View, The Telegraph (en) (9th of June post)
Giles Chichester resigns as Tory leader in European Parliament over expenses scandal. Bruno Waterfield, The Telegraph (en) (moved from 6th of June post)
Tories' Brussels enforcer quits over £½m expenses. Ian Traynor, The Guardian (en) (6th of June post)
European watchdog attacks cloak of secrecy in Brussels. David Charter, The Times (en) (3rd of June post)
Giles Chichester paid £500,000 in allowances through family firm. Bruno Watherfield, The Daily Telegraph (en) (2nd of June post)

Today's Links A: 11th of June

The joke's on EU: A cartoon history of the European Union. The Independent (en)
Ireland's chance to speak for England. Mary Kenny, The Guardian (en)
Regulation model has failed, says Merkel. Lionel Barber, Bertrand Benoit and Hugh Williamson, The FT (en)
Merkel emerges as Germany’s anchor. Editorial Comment, The FT (en)
March to the middle: Merkel celebrates Germany’s social market model. Lionel Barber, Bertrand Benoit and Hugh Williamson, The FT (en)
Germany shrugs off growth worries. Ralph Atkins, The FT (en)
France to sell stake in Francaises des Jeux. Peggy Hollinger, The FT (en)
Plan for closer ties an insult, says Gaddafi. Ben Hall and Roula Khalaf, The FT (en)
A template for tax. Editorial Comment, The FT (en)
Kroes seeks open-source software for EC. Nikki Tait, The FT (en)
European Leaders Back Bush on Iran. Steven Lee Myers and Nazila Fathi, The NYT (en)
In Germany, Bush Protests Lose Appeal. Nicholas Kulish, The NYT (en)
Spain Arrests 8 It Says Aided a Qaeda-Linked Cell. Elaine Sciolino, The NYT (en)
EU referendum: Millionaire entrepreneur aims to derail Lisbon treaty with no political experience. David Sharrock, The Times (en)
MEPs say Tory troubleshooter Hugh Thomas risks a timebomb of further sleaze disclosures. David Charter and Sam Coates, The times (en)
What have the Eurocrats ever done for us? Fintan O'Toole, The Times (en)
Nicolas Hulot : "The Ecological Crisis Requests Radicals Meassures at the European Level". Interview, Le Monde (fr)
Ireland-Europe : Couple Issues. Marion Van Renterghem, Le Monde (fr)
In the Backstage of the French Presidency of the EU. Pierre Avril, Alain Barluet et Stéphane Kovacs, Le Figaro (fr)
Ireland: the No-to-Europe ex-«capitale» is Caught again by Hesitation. Arnaud Vaulerin, Liberation (fr)
Mediteranean Union: Sarkozy stabbed on the back by Kadhafi. Zineb Dryef, Rue89 (fr)

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Comment D: Chemical Party by EUtube.

Marie Curie Actions produced this video for teens to promote Sciences. But what is Marie Curie Actions?

"The People programme under the 7th Framework Programme promotes excellence in research training, mobility, and career development for researchers at all levels, both inside and outside the European Union." (

Today's links: 10th of June

Europe's deep rift exposed over ECB's interest rate policy. Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, The Telegraph (en)
Federal Reserve and ECB are in no mood to save us from the consequences of our debt. Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, The Telegraph (en)
Uk: 100 dead in Afghanistan. Secret document shows troops will stay for years. James Kirkup and Tom Peterkin, The Telegraph (en)
Lisbon Treaty: failure to hold a referendum 'an attack on fair play', says Stuart Wheeler. Graham Tibbetts, The telegraph (en)
Britons want looser ties with EU. Patrick Hennessy, The Telepgraph (en)
Oil prices: Europe threatened with summer of discontent over rising cost of fuel. Angelique Chrisafis and Graham Keeley, The Guardian (en)
Ireland: The Mysterious Mr. No. David McKittrick, The independent (en)
Spain, Like U.S., Grapples With Immigration. Jason DeParle, The NYT (en)
Nicolas Sarkozy Made Concessions on CO2 to Angela Merkel. Arnaud Leparmentier, Le Monde (fr)
Italy and Greece resist to the recognition of Gay couples. Anne Chemin et Didier Kunz, Le Monde (fr)
Sarkozy and Merkel 'plugged in on the same emissions'. Nathalie Versieux, Liberation (fr)
Merkel Support the French Presidency of the EU. Alain Barluet, Le Figaro (fr)
French higher education: Under threat of change. The Economist (en)
ECB shrugs off Fed concern on dollar. Ralph Atkins, The FT (en)
Funding scandal taints Finland’s reputation. David Ibison, The FT (en)
France’s blunt warning over Irish No. Tony Barber, The FT (en)
Editorial Comment: US sees shadow of Bundesbank. Editorial Comment, The FT (en)

Monday, 9 June 2008

Comment C: Map of the Eastern Europe Communitarian Breaking Up (fr) (07/06/2008)

Today's links: Monday 9th of June.

EU: Do the Tories have the courage to renegotiate after Lisbon? Iain Martin, The Telegraph (en)
Euro 2008: Poland and Germany go to war again (but this time the Poles started it). Tony Paterson, The Independent (en)
Poll shows Irish voters poised to lead way in rejecting EU treaty. Jane Merrick, The Independent (en)
Turnout key to Irish vote on EU treaty. David McKittrick, The Independent (en)
European leaders look forward to better times as Bush makes farewell tour. Ian Traynor, The Guardian (en)
Europe hasn't gone away, and sceptics smell blood. Jackie Ashley, The Guardian (en)
Spanish hauliers begin indefinite strike over fuel prices. Graham Keeley, The Guardian (en)
UK companies pay more tax than Europeans. John Willman , The FT (en)
Analysis: Europe loses patience with elite. John Thornhill, Richard Milne and Michael Steen, The FT (en)
Wolfgang Münchau: ECB’s Fed shift justified. Wolfgang Munchau, The FT (en)
Irish PM urges Yes vote on EU treaty. John Murray Brown, the FT (en)
Comment: EU must build alliance with China. Charles Grant, The FT (en)
Bush Is a Lame Duck. Bush-Bashing in Europe Is, Too. James Forsyth, The Washingtonpost (en)
Paris looking for Berlin Support before its EU Presidency. Cécile Calla and Marie de Vergès, Le Monde (fr)
Sarkozy-Merkel, a drawn-out Couple. Henri de Bresson and Arnaud Leparmentier, Le Monde (fr)
France/Germany: Bustling Relationships. Henri de Bresson and Arnaud Leparmentier, Le Monde (fr)
France and Germany Secured a Deal on Transport and Energy. Philippe Ricard, Le Monde (fr)
Ukraine: The Oranges War. Piotr Smolar, Le Monde (fr)
Russia Warned Georgia and Ukraine on NATO. Marie Jégo, Le Monde (fr)
Turkey: AKP lost on the Veil. Pierre Vanrie, Press Review, Courrier International (fr)
Baltic co-operation: All at Sea. The Economist (en)

Friday, 6 June 2008

Украину отговаривают от НАТО. The Kommersant (ru)
Большой приговор. Novye Izviesta (ru)

Comment B: Map of the EU.

The Economist (5th of June 2008).
Here is a map, representing the EU integration including the past enlargements, the present situation and the possible future.

Today's Links: 6th of June

Ireland's anti-European Treaty of Lisbon campaigners lead opinion polls. Bruno Waterfield, The Telegraph (en)
European Central Bank set for a bare knuckle fight on interest rates. Simon Denham, The Telegraph (en)
Turkey court blocks moves over headscarves. Hidir Goktas, The Independent (en)
Europe defence: 'Sarkozy is offering to take French officers back into NATO'. Ian Traynor, The Guardian (en) Audio
Ireland votes, Europe waits. John O'Brennan, The Guardian (en)
Germany Abuzz at Racy Novel of Sex and Hygiene. Nicholas Kulish, The New York Times (en)
European banks harder hit by credit crunch. Gillian Tett, The FT (en)
Brussels acts to enforce rules on dirty money. Nikki Tait and Michael Peel, The FT (en)
Hamster eclipses EU treaty talk. Tony Barber, The FT (en)
Analysis: Polls bring ever more agony for German Social Democrats. Bertrand Benoit, The FT (en)
Editorial comment: The risks of Russia. The FT (en)
Host countries work to shake off fusty image. Haig Simonian , The FT (en)
The ECB at ten: A decade in the sun. The Economist (en)
Charlemagne: Chinese torture. The Economist (en)
The European Central Bank: Ten years on, beware a porcine plot. The Economist (en)
Intellectuals Seeking a European 'Tale'. Thomas Ferenczy, Le Monde (fr)
Paris Fearing Retaliation from Ankara. Natalie Nougayrède, Le Monde (fr)
The EU fastened to the Irish Referundum. Jean Quatremer, Liberation (fr)
The Douma Ready to Sacrifice Ukrainian Friendship. Philippe Randrianarimanana, Courrier International (fr)
Украину отговаривают от НАТО. The Kommersant (ru)
Большой приговор. Novye Izviesta (ru)

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Today's Links: 4th of June.

The Great Delusion of French Speaking Belgians. Jean Quatremer, Les Coulisses de Bruxelles (fr)
AFP/Getty Images. Rachida Dati, France's Justice Minister

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Comment A:

Voici une semaine que le site a ete lance. L’actualite de l’UE a ete assez legere. Mais les semaines qui viennent avec un renforcement des protestations contre le cout de l’energie, la presidence Francaise et ses Couacs a venir nous promettent quelques beaux articles dans la presse. Aujourd’hui, voici le Logo de la Presidence Francaise.

This website started to be published one week ago. If the week has been quiet for the EU, the next weeks will be much more interesting. Protests against the cost of Energy are rising, the French presidency of the EU and its probable controversies will bring us more interesting articles. To celebrate the first week, I give you the French logo for its presidency.

Today's Links: 3rd of June

Germans told how to avoid British tourists. Allan Hall, The Independent (en)
Spain's drought: a glimpse of our future? Elizabeth Nash, The Independant (en)
The euro answered a question we didn't ask. Sean O'Grady, The Independent (en)
European watchdog attacks cloak of secrecy in Brussels. David Charter, The Times (en)
German beach towel cartoon that started the feud. Roger Boyes, The Times (en)
Water Is a New Battleground in Spain. Elisabeth Rosenthal, The New York Times (en)

Monday, 2 June 2008