Monday, 9 June 2008

Today's links: Monday 9th of June.

EU: Do the Tories have the courage to renegotiate after Lisbon? Iain Martin, The Telegraph (en)
Euro 2008: Poland and Germany go to war again (but this time the Poles started it). Tony Paterson, The Independent (en)
Poll shows Irish voters poised to lead way in rejecting EU treaty. Jane Merrick, The Independent (en)
Turnout key to Irish vote on EU treaty. David McKittrick, The Independent (en)
European leaders look forward to better times as Bush makes farewell tour. Ian Traynor, The Guardian (en)
Europe hasn't gone away, and sceptics smell blood. Jackie Ashley, The Guardian (en)
Spanish hauliers begin indefinite strike over fuel prices. Graham Keeley, The Guardian (en)
UK companies pay more tax than Europeans. John Willman , The FT (en)
Analysis: Europe loses patience with elite. John Thornhill, Richard Milne and Michael Steen, The FT (en)
Wolfgang Münchau: ECB’s Fed shift justified. Wolfgang Munchau, The FT (en)
Irish PM urges Yes vote on EU treaty. John Murray Brown, the FT (en)
Comment: EU must build alliance with China. Charles Grant, The FT (en)
Bush Is a Lame Duck. Bush-Bashing in Europe Is, Too. James Forsyth, The Washingtonpost (en)
Paris looking for Berlin Support before its EU Presidency. Cécile Calla and Marie de Vergès, Le Monde (fr)
Sarkozy-Merkel, a drawn-out Couple. Henri de Bresson and Arnaud Leparmentier, Le Monde (fr)
France/Germany: Bustling Relationships. Henri de Bresson and Arnaud Leparmentier, Le Monde (fr)
France and Germany Secured a Deal on Transport and Energy. Philippe Ricard, Le Monde (fr)
Ukraine: The Oranges War. Piotr Smolar, Le Monde (fr)
Russia Warned Georgia and Ukraine on NATO. Marie Jégo, Le Monde (fr)
Turkey: AKP lost on the Veil. Pierre Vanrie, Press Review, Courrier International (fr)
Baltic co-operation: All at Sea. The Economist (en)

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