Friday, 15 August 2008

EU Medals : Beijing 2008

Thanks a lot to Julien Frisch for the tip.

Special : Small "Grandes Vacances"

I would like to tell everyone who has been reading regularly this blog the last past weeks that I am taking a break from the Blogosphere. I apologize in advance for not being able to to update the site for the next 14 Days.
I will not have an easy access to internet for the next 2 weeks and I finally decided that I need some time off to refresh my mind and body.
As I am alone to maintain this website, there will be very few updates. But I promise to come back with a refreshed spirit and to make a best of what I will have been reading during my Vacances.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Blogs : 14th August

Charles Bremner Blog, 2008
2015 and 250 oil Barrel. Sven Triloqvist, European Tribune (en)
EU Council on Georgia: Weak conclusions (updated). Julien frisch, Watching Europe (en)
That is so 20th century! Julien frisch, Watching Europe (en)
The EU’s Caucasion lessons. Nosemonkey, EUtopia (en)
"at every level, Europe appears to be in the thick of events, doing its best to stop the bloodshed. But, on closer inspection, this is the traditional sort of European activity: grand proposals, the clocking of plenty of frequent flyer air miles, yet little of substance."

Today's Links : 14th August

Cameron now looks like PM-in-waiting . Iain Martin, The Telegraph (en)
"... The Government's response to the Russian aggression in Georgia has been typical of the return we are making to the genteel management of British decline. ...Britain is the fourth largest economy in the world, the second power of consequence in the command structure of Nato, and it was day five in the crisis before the PM appeared in front of a television camera to say anything.
Margaret Thatcher, Blair and possibly even Major would have summoned a television crew within 24 hours of the tanks rolling and made a statement expressing disapproval and called for the world's multilateral institutions to take this aggression seriously..."
Bush squares up to Putin over Georgia. Tom Baldwin, The Times (en)
1. The non-use of force to resolve the conflict,
2. An immediate halt to all military action,
3. Free access to humanitarian aid,
4. Georgian troops will return to their positions of August 8, before the conflict opened,
5. Russian troops return to the lines they held before the start of the military operation. Before an international solution is worked out Russian peacekeepers are to take up an additional security role,
6. The start of an international discussion over the future status of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

Vladimir Putin's mastery checkmates the West. Michael Binyon, The Times (en)
Bush sends US forces on Georgia aid mission. Andrew Ward, Stanley Pignal and Charles Clover, The FT (en)
US warns Turkey over energy deal with Iran. Andrew Ward and Alex Barker, The FT (en)
Spain recalls cabinet for crisis meeting. Mark Mulligan, The FT (en)
Ukraine snubs Moscow on port. Roman Olearchykin, The FT (en)
Missile talks with Poles gain urgency. Jan Cienski, The FT (en)
"...Donald Tusk, the Polish prime minister, said this week: “The Georgian issue shows that in the generally understood area of the former Soviet bloc, real security guarantees are important.”...Czech Republic and in Poland... Neither country’s officials see an attack by a rogue state – the raison d’être of the missile shield – as a realistic threat, but they regard the presence of the bases as a bulwark against a possible threat from Russia.... "

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Blogs :13th August

Is the Buck Back? Alpha Sources (en)
Solidarity Pack for the West ? Dodo, European tribune (en)
Carla And Jackie. EuroSoc (en)
The fantasy EU and the economy! 12th August, Irony Too (en)

Treasures from the threads - Number Nineteen : 12th August, Irony Too (en)
"Inflation is not at 4.4% that is a myth due to the fact that the government figures are heavily manipulated in a downward direction by omitting high inflation items from the calculation. The real inflation figure I would guess is nearer 15% now and rising and will not come down in the immediate future."

Can Europe respond with one voice? Certain Ideas of Europe (en)
What Henry Said Doug Merrill, A Short Victorious War Douglas Muir, A Fistful of Euros (en)
Sarkozy is pleased. EU Referendum (en)
EU and Poland's problems over Georgia . 12th August, Irony Too (en)
The meaning of NATO, and revising my position on Georgia. Jon Worth, Euroblog (en) “The Russo-Georgian War and the Balance of Power” by George Friedman. Vitaliy, The 8Th Circle
U.S. presidential candidates on Georgian-Russian war. Vitaliy, The 8Th Circle *** RECOMMENDED Excerpts from Obama and McCain
Today - we are all Russians! Yellow Stars pro Europe blog (en)

Cartoon Special : 13th August Georgia

I selected 18 Cartoons from different newspapers published thes last few days.
If you have seen some other good cartoon depicting this Event, do not hesitate to send me the links.
Cartoons about Georgia War.

13th August : Georgia Thoughts

Georgia: Mikheil Saakashvili, the man who lost it all. Nick Allen, The Telegraph (en)
Russia wants map of Europe redrawn. Adrian Blomfield, The Telegraph (en)
The West must hit Russia where it hurts. Simon Heffer, The Telegraph (en)
In God, not Saakashvili, they trust. Adrian Blomfield, The Telegraph (en)

Where were you when they crucified Georgia? George Pitcher, The Telegraph (en)
"... If you're looking for a cock-up rather than a conspiracy, look no further than the calendar. If you're going to organise an invasion, do it in August.
Not only will politicians, such as Gordon Brown and his foreign secretary, David Miliband, not break their holidays, but the Pope won't leave his ski chalet either..."

Putin's revenge: Russia agrees ceasefire – but the war of words still rages. Shaun Walker, The Independent (en)

Moscow flexed military muscle, and left West humiliated. Anne Penketh, The Independent (en)
"...The Kremlin masters will hardly be trembling in their boots, although they have now pulled back Russian troops from Georgia proper. The war ended as quickly as it began. But Dmitry Medvedev, who has replaced Mr Putin as President, made it clear that the Russian peacekeepers who had been stationed in both breakaway regions would remain. The EU-backed plan provides for discussion of the future status of Georgia's breakaway regions – so the borders of Europe are no longer sacrosanct..."

US cancels joint exercise with Russia . The Times (en)
Georgian oil pipeline: the front line. Ben Macintyre, The Times (en)
Puppet Medvedev left dangling . Bronwen Maddox, The Times (en)
Georgia loses the fight, but win the PR war. Tony Halpin and Roger Boyes, The Times (en)
"Nato was conceived to offer the US and its European allies collective security in the face of an existential Soviet nuclear threat. With Soviet ideology dead, not even Mr Putin can rekindle that threat. In the long term Nato therefore needs to clarify its mission to reassure post-Soviet Russia. At the same time, Russia needs to modernise its foreign policy to embrace political diversity along its borders. The irony is that Nato must first do what it was originally designed for and tell Moscow: this far, and no farther."
Bush is spectator as policy unravels. Andrew Ward, The FT (en)
Russian warplanes turn Gori to rubble. Charles Clover, The FT (en)
Saakashvili’s grip on power in doubt. Roman Olearchyk and Isabel Gors, The FT (en)
"...“Historically Russia was and will remain the guarantor of security for the peoples of the Caucasus,” said Mr Medvedev last week.... It appears that Russia suddenly belongs to the elite club of countries that can write their own rules.... The true cost to Russia’s military of the Georgian campaign is not known, but it appeared to be a textbook example of modern warfare. “The Russians are clearly using the model of the US campaign in Yugoslavia in 1999,” says Mr Trenin ....
Comment: Russia’s response to Georgia was right. Sergei Lavrov, Minister of foreign affairs of the Russian Federation, The FT (en)
"It is clear that Georgia wants this dispute to become something more than a short if bloody conflict in the region. For decision-makers in the Nato countries of the west, it would be worth considering whether in future you want the men and women of your armed services to be answerable to Mr Saakashvili’s declarations of war in the Caucasus...."
Comment: Russia has the most to lose. Joseph Biden, Chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, The FT (en)
"The historical precedents in this case should trouble the Kremlin. The Red Army’s invasion of Hungary in 1956 succeeded in putting down an anti-Soviet rebellion but unmasked the brutality of the Soviet regime and tarnished Moscow’s reputation around the world. Similar outcomes followed Soviet interventions in Czechoslovakia and Afghanistan....Russia may face other costly consequences for the violence. Vladimir Putin’s plans to make Moscow an international financial centre may evaporate as the prospect of sanctions on the country rears its head..."
After Mixed U.S. Messages, a War Erupted in Georgia. Helene Cooper and Tom Shanker, The NYT (en)
"At the State Department in Washington, Mr. Fried, the top envoy for the region, received a phone call on Thursday from Georgia’s foreign minister, Eka Tkeshelashvili, who said the country was under attack. The foreign minister said Georgia had to protect its people.
“We told them they had to keep their unilateral cease-fire,” the official said. “We said, ‘Be smart about this, don’t go in and don’t fall for the Russian provocation. Do not do this.’ ”
....“This caught us totally by surprise,” said one military officer who tracks events in the region, including the American-Georgian training effort. “It really knocked us off our chairs.”
Ms. Rice did not get on the phone with her Georgian counterpart on Thursday, but left it to Mr. Fried to deliver the “don’t go in” message, a senior administration official said. “I don’t think it would have made any difference if she had,” the official said. “They knew the message was coming from the top.”
Russia, in Accord With Georgians, Sets Withdrawal. Andrew E Kramer and Ellen Barry, The NYT (en)

Today's Link : 13th August (en)

ECB official warns of ‘protracted weakness’. Ralph Atkins, The FT (en)

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Les "unes" xénophobes du "Daily Mail" scandalisent les immigrés polonais. Marc Roche, Le Monde (fr)

La Russie (re)devient un risque majeur. Pierre Briançon, Le Monde (fr)
"La russie a détruit, en trois jours, son effort de dix ans qui visait à convaincre que le pays était stable, et son gouvernement prévisible. Les investisseurs occidentaux qui avaient cru au message ont de quoi méditer. Quel que soit le résultat de la guerre de Géorgie, elle est venue rappeler que la Russie reste instable..."
"Russia, in less than 3 days, destroyed 10 years of effforts to convince the world that the country have become stable and the government previsible. Western investor who believed in this illusion can now meditate. Whatever the outcome of the Georgia War is, it came to remind everyone that Russia is still unstable...." (own Translation)
"Si le prix du baril de pétrole redescend au niveau du coût de production mondial - environ 50 dollars le baril -, il limitera brusquement la capacité de la Russie d'effectuer des mouvements de troupes à ses frontières....
Une consommation énergétique réduite et un contrôle accru de la masse monétaire faciliteraient la baisse du prix du pétrole. Si les banques centrales étaient responsables, elles augmenteraient leur taux d'intérêt....

12th August : Georgia Latest

Medvedev orders end to Russia’s military operation. Roman Olearchyk and Charles Clover in Tbilisi; Catherine Belton and Isabel Gorst in Moscow; and Harvey Morris, The FT (en)

L'avertissement géorgien. Safet Kryemadhi, Le Monde (fr)
The End of Illusion. Editorial, Le Monde (fr)
"Pendant qu'il (G W Bush) échangeait quelques balles avec les joueuses de beach-volley américaines, la Géorgie, meilleure amie des Etats-Unis dans l'ancien bloc de l'Est, "phare de la liberté" .... était écrasée par la Russie."
"While he was playing with the American Beach Volley female players (in Beijing), Georgia, the American bestfriend in Eastern Europe, 'Lighthouse of Freedom' ... is being crushed by Russia." (own Translation)

Les Européens partagés entre fermeté et modération envers Moscou. Thomas Ferenczi, Marie de Vergès and Michal Ziembinski, Le Monde (fr)

12th August : Blogs on Georgia

Shuddering at memories of the 1930s. Certain Ideas of Europe (en)
A Fistful of Euros : several more posts with comments or inerviews Questions for Radio Yerevan , Enough about the war. What do I think of the war? , Russian Invasion of Georgia , Mentality gap (en)
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev calls end to Georgia operations. Jerome, Euro Tribune (en)
EU and Poland's problems over Georgia. 12th August, Irony Too (en)
8/8/08 : le retour de l’Histoire. Corine Lesnes, Big Picture (en,fr)

Today's Links : 12th August

Entrust France with our nuclear energy. Tracy Corrigan,
French are left out in the froid. Victor Mallet, The FT (en)
Gloom for European manufacturers. Norma Cohen, The FT (en)
Comment: Trichet’s biggest test . David Mackie, The FT (en)

12th August : Georgia Deepening Catastrophe

Why August is the cruellest month. Nigel Jones, The Times *** RECOMMENDED
Georgian army flees in disarray. The Times (en)
Bush increases pressure on Russia to 'reverse'. Damien McElroy and Adrian Blomfield, The Telegraph (en)
Georgia: John McCain plan to isolate and punish. Toby Harnden, The Telegraph (en)
Analysis: Putin sends emphatic message of global importance. David Blair, The Telegraph (en)
Silence that condemns Britain. The Telegraph (en)
Russia tightens the noose. Shaun Walker and Kim Sengupta and Anne Penketh, The Independent (en)
Beleaguered president: Gambler who risked his country and links with West. Shaun Walker, The Independent (en)
Battle for Oil: EU’s hope to bypass Russian energy may be a pipe dream. Claire Soares, The Independent (en)
Russian leadership: Putin in his element as successor is left in back seat. Anne Penketh, The Independent (en)
Kim Sengupta: 'I don’t know when they will stop the attacks' . The Independent (en)
Georgia accuses Russia of waging 'cyber-war'. Jonathan Richards, The Times (en)
The Russia-Georgia grudge match. Simon Sebag Montefiore, The Times (en)
Editorial Comment: Russia is forfeiting standing in world. The FT (en)
The new age of authoritarianism. Chrystia Freeland, The FT (en)
Baltic states turn on Russia. Robert Anderson, The FT (en)
Rebuke of a President, in the Boom of Artillery. Andrew E Kramer, The NYT (en)
The Independent 2008

Infographics : Georgia Crisis

Monday, 11 August 2008

SR 2 and Quote : 11th August, Georgia

The War in Georgia Is a War for the West. Mickail Saakashvili, president of Georgia, The Wall Street Journal (en)

"As I write, Russia is waging war on my country.... The people of Georgia have spoken with a loud and clear voice: They see their future in Europe... In January, three in four Georgians voted in a referendum to support membership in NATO. These aims are not negotiable; now, we are paying the price for our democratic ambitions....."

You can also find her the Transprit of the Interview between Wolf Blitzer and President Mikheil Saakashvili on CNN.

VIDEO : Georgia, UN Session, A 'Discussion between Deaf People'

Dialogue de sourds à l'ONU
LEMONDE.FR 11.08.08

© Le

Beijing 2008 : European Union Medals 11th August

For the final Ranking of the 2008 JO, Click Here.

Blogs : 11th August Special Georgia

A Fistful of Euros. Several posts since the 8th August (en)
Time to bring Georgia closer into the fold? Certain Ideas of Europe (en)
EU Referendum. Many posts these last few days on Georgia, specially one very critical on EU 'The EU moves at its usual speed' (en)
EU-Russia relations in jeopardy as bombs hit Tbilisi. EUobserver (en)
European Tribune. Same, several comment posts on the Caucasian situation, very critical towards the Neocons and the US.
South Ossetia - this isn’t black or white, it’s a messy shade of grey. Jon Worth, Euroblog (en)
Julien Frisch, Watching Europe. Several Arcticles, (en)
Eutopia Blog, from Nosemonkey :
Georgia: Why? , South Ossetia: The bear strikes back , South Ossetia’s kicking off: An overview
Putin's revenge. Foreign Policy Blog (en) via an Open Europe Blog post.
The Tap Blog (en) : Britain Fans Flames Of War , Bush To Back Down On Kosovo , EU Flaps As Russia Invades.
The Brussels Journal : Joshua Trevino War in the Caucasus , Russia, Georgia, and the Western Alliance , Where Are the Marchers for Peace? , The Caucasus War: It Is About More than “a Kosovo for a Kosovo” Now
The 8th Circle : War 2.0 (includes previous expansion .ee and updates to .ge) , The NYT anticipates an “all-out war” , It’s the Americans! , Andrew Wilson on the Georgian-Russian conflict ,

Blogs : 11th August

Japan - Gearing Down for a Recession. Alpha Sources (en)
Needed - A new Bretton Woods Agreement. Post dated 7th August (en)
EP Elections tracking (8): 9 August 2008. Julien Frisch, Watching Europe (en)
The European Union working on a Passenger Name Record (PNR). Julien Frisch, Watching Europe (en)
11.5% of MEPs are bloggers. Public Affairs 2.0 Via Julien Frisch's Blog
Italians Consider Quitting The Euro. The Tap Blog (en)
France: Can a Wounded Nation Heal Itself ? Fjordman, The Brussels Journal (en)
“What do we know about anticorruption?” by Diana Schmidt. The 8th Circle (en)
US Scientists say invisibility is imminent. Lewis Smith, The Times (en)

Cartoon : 10th August Georgia

The Independent 2008

SR : 10th Russia, Georgia and the World

Russia demands to be regarded as number one. James sherr, Chatham House, The Telegraph (en) *** Recommended
France spearheads efforts to broker peace. Robert Winnett and Hugh Schofield, The Telegraph (en)
Key oil pipeline targeted with over 50 missiles. Damien McElroy, The Telegraph (en)
Georgia: Oil pipelines at risk. Juliette Garside, The Telegraph (en)
America has 'few options for dealing with war'. Toby Harnden, The Telegraph (en)
The West must share the blame for war in Georgia. Bruce Anderson, The Independent 9en) *** Recommended
Leading article: A small war in the Causasus which has huge implications. The Independent (en)
NEW: We helped in Iraq - now help us . Tony Halpin, The Times (en)
Roots of Georgia-Russia conflict. Anatol Lieven, The Times (en)
Attempt to seize control was a gamble too far. Michael Evans, The Times (en)
Nato should still embrace Georgia. Bronwen Maddox, The Times (en)
Analysis: why the Russia-Georgia conflict matters to the West. Richard Beeston, 8th August, The Times (en)
Georgia: another Sarajevo moment avoided. William Rees-Mogg, The Times (en)
Georgia fears Russian moves beyond South Ossetia. Charles Clover, Harvey Morris and Edward Luce, The FT (en)
Georgia unrest poses problems for Sochi 2014. Roger Blitz, The FT (en)
Quentin Peel: Wounded pride ignites an accidental war. Quentin Peel, The FT (en)
Russians Push Past Separatist Area to Assault Central Georgia. Andrew E. Kramer, Anne Barnard and C. J. Chivers, and written by Ms. Barnard, The NYT (en)
In Georgia and Russia, a Perfect Brew for a Blowup. C. J. Chivers, The NYT (en)
In Georgia Clash, a Lesson on U.S. Need for Russia. Helene Cooper, The NYT (en) *** Recommended
Taunting the Bear. James Straub, The NYT (en)
On Slog to Safety, Seething at West. Andrew E. Kramer and Ellen Barry, The NYT (en)
Will Russia Get Away With It? William Kristol, The NYT (en)

Géorgie : France et Europe en première ligne. Editorial, Le Figaro (fr)
L'amertume partagée des Géorgiens. Régis Genté, Le Figaro (fr)
Les blogs témoignent : "On se bat pour chaque maison..." Le Monde (fr)

Today's Links : 11th August (en)

EU bureaucrats 'outnumber British army two to one'. Christopher Hope, The Telegraph (en)
Minister fights Spanish military secrecy. Elizabeth Nash,
Population paradox: Europe's time bomb. Paul Vallely, The Independent (en) *** Recommended
Brussels puts out an English mayday. Marie Woolf, The Times (en)
German shoppers dig in for inflation war. Hugh Williamson, The FT (en)
Eurozone banks give better quarterly report. Gerrit Wiesmann, The FT (en)
EU asked to protect a British banger. Michael Peel, The FT (en)

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Weekend : 8th to 10th August

Geopolitics (1). A bowl of thin alphabet soup. The Economist (en)
Geopolitics (2). Win today’s wars first The Economist (en)
Russian intellectuals. The hand that feeds them The Economist (en)
Bavaria. Old soldiers march into the unknown The Economist (en)
Germany’s Social Democrats. A dangerous flirtation The Economist (en)
Italy. The thin green line The Economist (en)
The Caucasus. Bang bang, who’s dead? The Economist (en)
Turkey. After the storm The Economist (en)

Friday, 8 August 2008

Today's Links : 8th August (en)

'Russia strikes' as Georgia moves against rebels. The Independent (en)
Georgia launches offensive in South Ossetia. Shaun Walker, The Independent (en)
UK : Pity the Queen with a new PM. Michael Brown, The Independent (en)
French trade deficit hits record level. Ben Hall, The FT (en)
Europe and UK banks hold rates steady. Gerrit Wiesmann and Delphine Strauss, The FT (en)
Printemps makeover targets super-rich. Scheherazade Daneshkhu, The FT (en)
Georgia accuses Russia of military offensive. Roman Olearchyk and Charles Clover, The FT (en)
Clash over collective damages approach. Nikki Tait, The FT (en)

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Videos : 7th August, Special Holidays

It is summer, the JO start in Bejing and Everyone still love flight travel despite Global warming.
Here are 2 adds for ''Aeroport de Paris'', the structure in charge of the 3 Parisian airports.
The interest is that one is dated from 1971 and the second is the most recent one.
Differences are striking and show us how Europe and Europeans changed too since this time. In a time, when Asia and China are emerging as the future and people are dramatizing our 'Decadence and relative Decline', seeing these both adds might allow us to relativise with some humour, especially the scene with the woman at the hairdresser shop.

Blogs : 7th August

Meanwhile, that whole free movement of labor thing. Douglas Muir, A Fistful of Euros (en)
Farewell, the Polish Plumber. Philip Whyte, Center for European Reform (en)
Fuck You: Translating Greenspan's hackiness. Jerome a Paris, European Tribune (en) *** Recommended
My Husband And I... Eurosoc 2, Eurosoc (en)
How to define "Vital National Interests" in an "Ever Closer Union". Martin, Irony Too (en) *** Recommended
Electronic entry and Exit recording to Shengen Area. Julien Frisch, Watching Europe (en) ***
What is the EU for? (Part 2) Nosemonkey, EUtopia (en)
“The New Cold War: Putin’s Russia and the Threat to the West” by Edward Lucas (a book review). Vitaliy, The 8th Circle (en)

Today's Links : 7th August (fr)

Le SPD allemand se déchire sur le bilan des réformes menées sous l'ère Schröder. Marie de Vergès, Le Monde (fr)
La droite allemande veut encadrer les revenus des grands patrons. Marie de Vergès, Le Monde (fr)
Un syndicaliste doit répondre d'un billet gratuit de la Lufthansa pendant les grèves. Marie de Vergès, Le Monde (fr)

Gossip : 7th August

Fourth plinth is reserved for the Queen. James Macintyre, The Independent (en)

Today's Links : 7th August

British agencies fear one-way flow of information. Duncan Gardham, The Telegraph (en)
EU may force MI5 to share intelligence. Bruno Waterfield and Duncan Gardham, The Telegraph (en)
Russia threatens to move rockets to EU border. Adrian Blomfield, The Telegraph (en)
France mulls 'fat tax' on junk food. The Telegraph (en)
A tax on croissants? Mon Dieu! Sophie Tedmanson, The Independent (en)
Russia bids to find new elite breed. Charles Clover, The FT (en)
Comment: Russia can play a vital role in the west’s security. Maurizio Massari, The FT (en)
Editorial comment: Germany wobbles. The FT (en)
Editorial comment: Rwanda points a finger at Paris. The FT (en)
Fall in output fuels Spanish recession fears. Mark Mulligan, The FT (en)
Germany suffers steep drop in orders. Bertrand Benoit, The FT (en)
Clash erupts on use of data to fight crime. Jim Pickard, The FT (en)
Boost for emissions trading scheme. Nikki Tait, The FT (en)
Clash over collective damages approach. Nikki Tait, The FT (en)
Britain Debates Army’s Delay at Basra. John F Burns, The NYT (en)
German City Wonders How Green Is Too Green. Nicholas Kulish, The NYT (en)

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

SR : Beijing 2008

How Chairman Mao led China to humiliation. George Walden, The Times (en)

Blogs : 6th August

Reversing the flood of foreign workers. Certain Ideas of Europe (en)
Propaganda Я us. Richard, EU Referendum (en)
Would California have HSR today if it had been settled by France?. A Few, European Tribune (en)
Short Shrift For Miliband. Eurosoc 2, EuroSoc (en)
Jumping off Mostar bridge in the name of subsidiarity. Jon Worth, Euroblog (en)
Countries From 'Same Cultural Area' to share EU-Commissioner ? Julien Frisch, Watching Europe
The Czech Republic and the Lisbon Treaty. Nosemonkey, EUtopia (en)
The WHO on the CAP. Nosemonkey, EUtopia (en)
Kudos to the European Union. Vitaliy, The 8 Circle (en)
Lack of Funds Threatens Auschwitz Death Camp Memorial . DW staff (jen), Deutsch Welle (en)

Comment : Mercer's 2008 Cost of Living survey highlights

Here is the list with the EU Cities in the Top50 Most Expensive Cities in the World. In several review, It looks like being 'expensive' is an achievement. I am really sure if being the most most expencive city is a title we can be proud of, especially in this economical environment. There are 25 EU cities in the Top50 and 7 more European cities from countries outside of the EU.
1 Moscow Russia
3 London UK
7 Copenhagen Denmark
10 Milan Italy
12 Paris France
16 Dublin Ireland
16 Rome Italy
19 Vienna Austria
21 Helsinki Finland
22 New York City US
25 Amsterdam Netherlands
25 Athens Greece
28 Madrid Spain
29 Prague Czech Rep.
31 Barcelona Spain
31 Stockholm Sweden
35 Warsaw Poland
37 Munich Germany
38 Berlin Germany
39 Brussels Belgium
40 Frankfurt Germany
43 Luxembourg Luxembourg
45 Bratislava Slovakia
46 Düsseldorf Germany
46 Riga Latvia
49 Zagreb Croatia
50 Hamburg Germany
For more information about the survey:
Mercer's 2008 Cost of Living survey highlights. Mercer (en)
Enquête internationale Mercer 2008 sur le coût de la vie. Mercer (fr)
Paris, 2e ville la plus chère de la zone euro. Soren Seelow, Le Monde (fr)

Video : 6th August, Break in USA, Paris Hilton answers to the 'Super Old Mc Cain'

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

Today's Links : 6th August (fr)

L'année américainedu Rafale. Renaud Girard, Le Figaro (fr)
Le devoir de cohérence des Européens. Pierre Lequiller, Le Figaro (fr)
Nicolas Sarkozy: apres lui, le chaos (second part). Julien Martin, Rue89 (fr)

Today's Links : 6th August (en)

Poland ends army conscription. Matthew Day, The Telegraph (en)
Recession signalled by key indicators of British economy. Sean O'Grady, The Independent (en)
Writer was first to break wall of silence. Roy Medvedev, The Times (en)
Harsh reality dispels Swedes’ holiday mood. David Ibison, The FT (en)
Italians approve cuts in spending. Guy Dinmore, The FT (en)
Rwanda to indict French over genocide. Barney Jopson, William Wallis and Ben Hall, The FT (en)
GDP cut holds up German recovery. Bertrand Benoit, The FT (en)
EU to free up radio waves to ease traffic. Nikki Tait, The FT (en)

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Comment : Ariane, The EU and its Future

Frederic d'Allest, former president of the French Aereospace Agency (CNES) and former Chairman of Arianepsace wrote a vibrant article on the Future of the leading commercial space rocket and the current lack of vision of European leaders. He argues that without stronger and quick actions and decisions, Europe will loose a strategic advantage in our world. He finally suggest that France, as the precursor of the European Space program should make an initiative during its EU presidency.
La fusée Ariane menacée de disparition, par Frédéric d'Allest. Le Monde (fr)

Blogs : 5th August

Where Now for CEE and Baltic Currencies? Alpha Sources (en)
Dutch energy analysts predict OECD oil rationing in near future. Willy De Backer, Blog (en) ***
Sarkozy's Juicy July. Afew, European Tribune (en)
German police return to France's streets. Irony Too (en)
Ireland’s silver lining - Jason O’Mahony. Jon Worth, Euroblog (en)
EU reforms are the best remedy for post-case era. Erkan's field diary (en)
Dogs of War : Satirical Maps of the First World War. Peacay, BibliOdyssey (en)
Humoristische Karte von Europa. Nosemonkey, EUtopia (en)
We cannot do business like this in future. Nosemonkey, EUtopia (en)
“Whether it brings devolution closer is another matter..”. Slugger O'Toole (en)
From Vanco and beyond. Vitaliy, The 8th Circle (en)

Cartoon : 5th August, Back to the Past

The joke's on EU: A cartoon history of the European Union. The Independent (en)

Today's Links : 5th August (fr)

«Le déclin du courage en Occident». Alexandre Soljenitsyne, Liberation (fr) *** Recommended
Un défenseur de la laïcité prend la tête de l'armée turque. Le Monde (fr)
Les pubs britanniques victimes de la crise. Marc Roche, Le Monde (fr)
Nicolas Sarkozy: après lui, le chaos ! (First part). Julien Martin, Rue89 *** Recommended

Today's Links : 5th August

The joke's on EU: A cartoon history of the European Union. The Independent (en)
The new transatlantic stalemate. David Calleo, the Guardian (en)
Eurozone factory prices hit record high . Gerrit Wiesmann, The FT (en)
Editorial comment: A constant critic. The FT (en)
Inflationary challenge troubles Russia. Charles Clover, The FT (en)
Germany warned of clash on ‘Cfius’ plan. Bertrand Benoit, The FT (en)
Deadlock over EU high-tech tariffs. James Politi, The FT (en)
Moves to let the alcohol flow in Sweden. David Ibison, The FT (en)
Move to revise legislation safeguarding ozone layer. Nikki Tait, The FT (en)
Brussels welcomes EDF move on supply agreements. Nikki Tait, The FT (en)
They’ll Take Manhattan, in Cash. Alex Williams, The NYT (en) *** Recommended

Monday, 4 August 2008

Cartoon : 4th August

Charlemagne : Bring out your models
Here a extract of this recommended article from the Economist :
"In other words, when all other things are equal, the fit should fare better than the frail. This is true of economies as well as of people. Nobody wishes for an epidemic, but if one really is about to strike, Europe is in for a revealing few years."

The Economist 2008

EP Elections 2009 : 4th august

The European Commission made it easier for EU citizens living abroad to stand or vote in EP elections.
Constitutional affairs - 26-09-2007 (en)
Constitutional affairs - 26-09-2007 (fr)
and a report on Eur :
Parliament seeks to cure voter apathy by 2009 poll.

Blogs : 4th August

Sunday morning lifeblogging: adventures in European subtitling. Guy La Roche, A Fistful of Euros (en)
C'est la trêve du mois d'août. Jean Quatremer, Les Coulisses de Bruxelles (fr)
No mention of the EU. Irony Too (en)
Powerful Women : Rama Yade. Julien Frisch, Watching Europe (en)
Ironic. ReEuropa (en)
running for re-election. Open Europe Blog (en)
Summary of Russia’s new anticorruption plan. Vitaliy, The 8th Circle (en)

Today's Links : 4th August (fr)

Barroso le consensuel, candidat à sa propre succession . Jean Quatremer, Liberation (fr)
Crises financières, l’éternel retour . Bertrand Groslambert, Liberation (fr)
Chine et Occident les yeux dans les yeux . Editorial, Le Figaro (fr)
Les quatre devoirs de la Belgique française. Daniel Ducarme, Belgian State Secretary, Le Fiagro (fr)

Today's Links : 4th August

Off the Shelf: Who Said Brussels Was Boring? Stephen Kotkin, The NYT (en) ***
In Germany, a City’s Famed Industry Now Helps Keep It Afloat. Nicholas Kulish, The NYT (en)***
EU 'dumbs down' job tests. Justin Stares, The Telegraph (en) *** (Recommended)
Radovan Karadzic 'was under US protection until 2000'. Jon Swaine, The Telegraph (en)
Eurozone factory activity at five-year low. Gerrit Wiesmann, The FT (en)
Kevin Done: It is not yet the end for budget air travel. Kevin Done, The FT (en)
Medvedev tiptoes out of Putin’s shadow . Charles Clover, The FT (en)
Spain to cut car speeds to save energy. Mark Mulligan, The FT (en)
Germany’s SPD in expulsion storm. Hugh Williamson, The FT (en)
Active state. The FT (en)
Comment: Give Serbia a chance. Bozidar Djelic, The FT (en)
Data handover could boost tax evasion fight. Gerrit Wiesmann, The FT (en)
Russia warns Georgia over breakaway province. The FT (en)
City warns against EU crackdown. Nikki Tait, The FT (en)

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Food for Thought : 2nd August

"The psychology of the Human animal is malleable, with his personality dependent upon the proximity of other members if the species and the pressures exerted by them."
-Erasmus, Laboratory notes

Interview : Bernard Kouchner on France24

B.Kouchner, ministre Affaires étrangères
Uploaded by FRANCE_24

This is a Video interview from the France based International News channel.
The French foreign affairs minister gives his take on the relations with Iran, the situation in Iraq, the recently-created Mediterranean Union and his daily work with President Nicolas Sarkozy.

However, the most interesting part of the interview is At the beginning of the 8th Minute.
We can watch a 'portrait' or a Biography of the Minister made by a reporter.

In his Blog, La Mouette makes a strong analysis of the Minister's Reactions.

" C’est le masque, le crime de lèse majesté. Mister Hide remplace le Dr Jekkyl, n’hésitant pas à parler un «portrait discutable» et d’une «illustration bêtasse».
Le journaliste qui a fait le reportage n’a pas pris de gants. Le portrait est cruel, du sac de riz au « passage à l’ennemi » en n’omettant pas de mentionner que : «son pouvoir est plus que limité, tous les dossiers sensibles sont gérés de l’Elysée» et que l’homme politique a connu « un succès politique mitigé ». Aucun scoop, aucune contre-vérité mais le reportage place Bernard Kouchner face à ses contradictions. "

"This is the Mask, a crime of Lese-majesty. Mister Hide replaces Dr Jekkyl, talking about an ''questionable portrayal'' and a ''Sutpid exemplification''.

The journalist who made this documentary has not been politically correct. The portrayal is crual, from the rice bag to the ''Passage a l'ennemi'' (by joining Sarkozy's government) without omitting that ''his power is limited and that all the sensitive issues are directly treated at the Elysee Palace'' ...."

Short after the polemical report, we can actually see Bernard Kouchner loosing his temper. However, I have to say that I agree with all the arguments he is using and that eventually I would happy to have his job. I particularly liked when he compares his position with his predecessors and when he clearly argues that we cannot based a Foreign Policy only on Human Rights.

I put both version of the interview : the French one and the English one.

B.Kouchner, foreign affairs minister
Uploaded by FRANCE_24

Weekend's Links : The Economist

Turkey : A narrow scrape for democracy. The Economist (en)
Divorce : Divorce without borders. The Economist (en)
Romania : Mr Too Clean? The Economist (en)
Italy and Libya : Undoing the damage. The Economist (en)
High technology in Russia : Dubna’s tale . The Economist (en)
Bring out your models. Charlemagne, The Economist (en) *** Strongly Recommended

Friday, 1 August 2008

Food for Thought : 1st August

"I don't believe there is such a thing as a 'lost cause', only those without suitably dedicated followers."
-Serena Butler.

Blog : EUtopia, 1st August

EU news and views, 31st July.
I found this post from Nosemonkey today. It seems that I missed some good articles these last few days. consequently, i decided to post the links that I haven't added yet on the blog from his list :
Making the Case for a Multi-Speed Europe. Deusche-Welle (en)
EU Should Become Union of European Regions, Expert Says. Deusche-Welle (en)
Belgium split threatens Europe not just the EU and the Lisbon Treaty! Martin, Irony Too (en)
Business favours Blair as EU president. Lucia Kubosova, EUobserver (en)
Why did the Doha talks collapse? Open Europe Blog (en)
Should Europeans Care about Doha ? Katinka Barysch, Center For European Reform Blog (en)
Berlusconi sends troops to back police. International Herald Tribune (en)
Roma MEP places Italy fingerprinting into context. Eur (en)
France and Other States Experiment with Direct Democracy. Spiegel (en)
Réforme constitutionnelle et Europe. Gus, Publius (fr)

Election 2009 : 1st August

Tracking : EP Elections 2009 (VI) Julien Frisch, Watching Europe (en)
European Elections: Outlook for 2009. Eur (en)

Video : 1st August Gordon Broon's "Doonfall"

I found this interesting video on Eursoc Blog. The choice of the recent German movie 'Downfall', depicting the Furher fall and comparing it with the current Gordon Brown Miseries in UK was a very risky choice. The start of the movie depicts the Huge defeat of the Labour Party in a Bi-election (for a Parliamentary seat) by a the SNP, The Scotish Nationalist Party. I have to say that if the movie made me a bit unconfortable, I actually find it very good.

If you want more insight on the current situation in Britain, you will find all the good links in my recent posts, especially a Special Repport section made at the beginning of the week : Special Report : Labour Leadership Crisis in UK, 28th July

Blogs : 1st August

Globalisation meets Bulgaria. PO Neil, A Fistful of Euros (en)
Lisbon : 24 à 1. Jean Quatremer, Les Coulisses de Bruxelles (fr)
Prattling while Rome burns. Richard, EU Referendum (en)
Globalisation RIP ? Afew, European Tribune (en)
Peking Duck and plastic ducks. John Worth, Euroblog (en)

Today's Links : 1st August (fr)

Nucléaire : le bon choix de la France. Yves Thréard, Le Figaro (fr)
OMC : New Delhi et Pékin imposent leur loi . Jean-Pierre Robin, Le Figaro (fr)
"En Belgique, nous vivons déjà dans des mondes séparés". Le Monde (fr)
L'échec de l'OMC n'est pas catastrophique. Simon Nixon, Le Monde (fr)

Today's Links : 1st August (en)

The problem is not just Brown. The Telegraph (en)
Germany’s SPD expels former economics minister . Hugh Williamson, the FT (en)
Brussels outlines ratings agencies plan. Nikki Tait and Paul J. Davies, The FT (en)
Greece scraps anti-laundering unit. Kerin Hope, The FT (en)
Moscow to seize grain export controls. Javier Blas, The FT (en)

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