Friday, 1 August 2008

Blog : EUtopia, 1st August

EU news and views, 31st July.
I found this post from Nosemonkey today. It seems that I missed some good articles these last few days. consequently, i decided to post the links that I haven't added yet on the blog from his list :
Making the Case for a Multi-Speed Europe. Deusche-Welle (en)
EU Should Become Union of European Regions, Expert Says. Deusche-Welle (en)
Belgium split threatens Europe not just the EU and the Lisbon Treaty! Martin, Irony Too (en)
Business favours Blair as EU president. Lucia Kubosova, EUobserver (en)
Why did the Doha talks collapse? Open Europe Blog (en)
Should Europeans Care about Doha ? Katinka Barysch, Center For European Reform Blog (en)
Berlusconi sends troops to back police. International Herald Tribune (en)
Roma MEP places Italy fingerprinting into context. Eur (en)
France and Other States Experiment with Direct Democracy. Spiegel (en)
Réforme constitutionnelle et Europe. Gus, Publius (fr)

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