Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Comment : Mercer's 2008 Cost of Living survey highlights

Here is the list with the EU Cities in the Top50 Most Expensive Cities in the World. In several review, It looks like being 'expensive' is an achievement. I am really sure if being the most most expencive city is a title we can be proud of, especially in this economical environment. There are 25 EU cities in the Top50 and 7 more European cities from countries outside of the EU.
1 Moscow Russia
3 London UK
7 Copenhagen Denmark
10 Milan Italy
12 Paris France
16 Dublin Ireland
16 Rome Italy
19 Vienna Austria
21 Helsinki Finland
22 New York City US
25 Amsterdam Netherlands
25 Athens Greece
28 Madrid Spain
29 Prague Czech Rep.
31 Barcelona Spain
31 Stockholm Sweden
35 Warsaw Poland
37 Munich Germany
38 Berlin Germany
39 Brussels Belgium
40 Frankfurt Germany
43 Luxembourg Luxembourg
45 Bratislava Slovakia
46 Düsseldorf Germany
46 Riga Latvia
49 Zagreb Croatia
50 Hamburg Germany
For more information about the survey:
Mercer's 2008 Cost of Living survey highlights. Mercer (en)
Enquête internationale Mercer 2008 sur le coût de la vie. Mercer (fr)
Paris, 2e ville la plus chère de la zone euro. Soren Seelow, Le Monde (fr)

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