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Interview : Bernard Kouchner on France24

B.Kouchner, ministre Affaires étrangères
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This is a Video interview from the France based International News channel.
The French foreign affairs minister gives his take on the relations with Iran, the situation in Iraq, the recently-created Mediterranean Union and his daily work with President Nicolas Sarkozy.

However, the most interesting part of the interview is At the beginning of the 8th Minute.
We can watch a 'portrait' or a Biography of the Minister made by a reporter.

In his Blog, La Mouette makes a strong analysis of the Minister's Reactions.

" C’est le masque, le crime de lèse majesté. Mister Hide remplace le Dr Jekkyl, n’hésitant pas à parler un «portrait discutable» et d’une «illustration bêtasse».
Le journaliste qui a fait le reportage n’a pas pris de gants. Le portrait est cruel, du sac de riz au « passage à l’ennemi » en n’omettant pas de mentionner que : «son pouvoir est plus que limité, tous les dossiers sensibles sont gérés de l’Elysée» et que l’homme politique a connu « un succès politique mitigé ». Aucun scoop, aucune contre-vérité mais le reportage place Bernard Kouchner face à ses contradictions. "

"This is the Mask, a crime of Lese-majesty. Mister Hide replaces Dr Jekkyl, talking about an ''questionable portrayal'' and a ''Sutpid exemplification''.

The journalist who made this documentary has not been politically correct. The portrayal is crual, from the rice bag to the ''Passage a l'ennemi'' (by joining Sarkozy's government) without omitting that ''his power is limited and that all the sensitive issues are directly treated at the Elysee Palace'' ...."

Short after the polemical report, we can actually see Bernard Kouchner loosing his temper. However, I have to say that I agree with all the arguments he is using and that eventually I would happy to have his job. I particularly liked when he compares his position with his predecessors and when he clearly argues that we cannot based a Foreign Policy only on Human Rights.

I put both version of the interview : the French one and the English one.

B.Kouchner, foreign affairs minister
Uploaded by FRANCE_24

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