Thursday, 7 August 2008

Today's Links : 7th August

British agencies fear one-way flow of information. Duncan Gardham, The Telegraph (en)
EU may force MI5 to share intelligence. Bruno Waterfield and Duncan Gardham, The Telegraph (en)
Russia threatens to move rockets to EU border. Adrian Blomfield, The Telegraph (en)
France mulls 'fat tax' on junk food. The Telegraph (en)
A tax on croissants? Mon Dieu! Sophie Tedmanson, The Independent (en)
Russia bids to find new elite breed. Charles Clover, The FT (en)
Comment: Russia can play a vital role in the west’s security. Maurizio Massari, The FT (en)
Editorial comment: Germany wobbles. The FT (en)
Editorial comment: Rwanda points a finger at Paris. The FT (en)
Fall in output fuels Spanish recession fears. Mark Mulligan, The FT (en)
Germany suffers steep drop in orders. Bertrand Benoit, The FT (en)
Clash erupts on use of data to fight crime. Jim Pickard, The FT (en)
Boost for emissions trading scheme. Nikki Tait, The FT (en)
Clash over collective damages approach. Nikki Tait, The FT (en)
Britain Debates Army’s Delay at Basra. John F Burns, The NYT (en)
German City Wonders How Green Is Too Green. Nicholas Kulish, The NYT (en)

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