Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Blogs :13th August

Is the Buck Back? Alpha Sources (en)
Solidarity Pack for the West ? Dodo, European tribune (en)
Carla And Jackie. EuroSoc (en)
The fantasy EU and the economy! 12th August, Irony Too (en)

Treasures from the threads - Number Nineteen : 12th August, Irony Too (en)
"Inflation is not at 4.4% that is a myth due to the fact that the government figures are heavily manipulated in a downward direction by omitting high inflation items from the calculation. The real inflation figure I would guess is nearer 15% now and rising and will not come down in the immediate future."

Can Europe respond with one voice? Certain Ideas of Europe (en)
What Henry Said Doug Merrill, A Short Victorious War Douglas Muir, A Fistful of Euros (en)
Sarkozy is pleased. EU Referendum (en)
EU and Poland's problems over Georgia . 12th August, Irony Too (en)
The meaning of NATO, and revising my position on Georgia. Jon Worth, Euroblog (en) “The Russo-Georgian War and the Balance of Power” by George Friedman. Vitaliy, The 8Th Circle
U.S. presidential candidates on Georgian-Russian war. Vitaliy, The 8Th Circle *** RECOMMENDED Excerpts from Obama and McCain
Today - we are all Russians! Yellow Stars pro Europe blog (en)

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