Monday, 11 August 2008

SR : 10th Russia, Georgia and the World

Russia demands to be regarded as number one. James sherr, Chatham House, The Telegraph (en) *** Recommended
France spearheads efforts to broker peace. Robert Winnett and Hugh Schofield, The Telegraph (en)
Key oil pipeline targeted with over 50 missiles. Damien McElroy, The Telegraph (en)
Georgia: Oil pipelines at risk. Juliette Garside, The Telegraph (en)
America has 'few options for dealing with war'. Toby Harnden, The Telegraph (en)
The West must share the blame for war in Georgia. Bruce Anderson, The Independent 9en) *** Recommended
Leading article: A small war in the Causasus which has huge implications. The Independent (en)
NEW: We helped in Iraq - now help us . Tony Halpin, The Times (en)
Roots of Georgia-Russia conflict. Anatol Lieven, The Times (en)
Attempt to seize control was a gamble too far. Michael Evans, The Times (en)
Nato should still embrace Georgia. Bronwen Maddox, The Times (en)
Analysis: why the Russia-Georgia conflict matters to the West. Richard Beeston, 8th August, The Times (en)
Georgia: another Sarajevo moment avoided. William Rees-Mogg, The Times (en)
Georgia fears Russian moves beyond South Ossetia. Charles Clover, Harvey Morris and Edward Luce, The FT (en)
Georgia unrest poses problems for Sochi 2014. Roger Blitz, The FT (en)
Quentin Peel: Wounded pride ignites an accidental war. Quentin Peel, The FT (en)
Russians Push Past Separatist Area to Assault Central Georgia. Andrew E. Kramer, Anne Barnard and C. J. Chivers, and written by Ms. Barnard, The NYT (en)
In Georgia and Russia, a Perfect Brew for a Blowup. C. J. Chivers, The NYT (en)
In Georgia Clash, a Lesson on U.S. Need for Russia. Helene Cooper, The NYT (en) *** Recommended
Taunting the Bear. James Straub, The NYT (en)
On Slog to Safety, Seething at West. Andrew E. Kramer and Ellen Barry, The NYT (en)
Will Russia Get Away With It? William Kristol, The NYT (en)

Géorgie : France et Europe en première ligne. Editorial, Le Figaro (fr)
L'amertume partagée des Géorgiens. Régis Genté, Le Figaro (fr)
Les blogs témoignent : "On se bat pour chaque maison..." Le Monde (fr)

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