Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Today's Links A: 11th of June

The joke's on EU: A cartoon history of the European Union. The Independent (en)
Ireland's chance to speak for England. Mary Kenny, The Guardian (en)
Regulation model has failed, says Merkel. Lionel Barber, Bertrand Benoit and Hugh Williamson, The FT (en)
Merkel emerges as Germany’s anchor. Editorial Comment, The FT (en)
March to the middle: Merkel celebrates Germany’s social market model. Lionel Barber, Bertrand Benoit and Hugh Williamson, The FT (en)
Germany shrugs off growth worries. Ralph Atkins, The FT (en)
France to sell stake in Francaises des Jeux. Peggy Hollinger, The FT (en)
Plan for closer ties an insult, says Gaddafi. Ben Hall and Roula Khalaf, The FT (en)
A template for tax. Editorial Comment, The FT (en)
Kroes seeks open-source software for EC. Nikki Tait, The FT (en)
European Leaders Back Bush on Iran. Steven Lee Myers and Nazila Fathi, The NYT (en)
In Germany, Bush Protests Lose Appeal. Nicholas Kulish, The NYT (en)
Spain Arrests 8 It Says Aided a Qaeda-Linked Cell. Elaine Sciolino, The NYT (en)
EU referendum: Millionaire entrepreneur aims to derail Lisbon treaty with no political experience. David Sharrock, The Times (en)
MEPs say Tory troubleshooter Hugh Thomas risks a timebomb of further sleaze disclosures. David Charter and Sam Coates, The times (en)
What have the Eurocrats ever done for us? Fintan O'Toole, The Times (en)
Nicolas Hulot : "The Ecological Crisis Requests Radicals Meassures at the European Level". Interview, Le Monde (fr)
Ireland-Europe : Couple Issues. Marion Van Renterghem, Le Monde (fr)
In the Backstage of the French Presidency of the EU. Pierre Avril, Alain Barluet et Stéphane Kovacs, Le Figaro (fr)
Ireland: the No-to-Europe ex-«capitale» is Caught again by Hesitation. Arnaud Vaulerin, Liberation (fr)
Mediteranean Union: Sarkozy stabbed on the back by Kadhafi. Zineb Dryef, Rue89 (fr)

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