Friday, 13 June 2008

Today's links: Friday 13th of June

Ireland's EU treaty vote: Low turnout points to "No". Tom Peterkin, The Telegraph (en)
Europe holds its breath for result of Ireland's vote. David McKittrick, The Independent (en)
EU treaty hangs in balance as Ireland awaits referendum results. James Sturcke, The Guardian (en)
Gates Presses NATO on Missile Defense. Thom Shanker, The NYT (en)
Berlusconi Effusive in Welcoming President. Dan Eggen, The Washington Post (en)
Irish Wielding an Outsize Power in Europe. Kevin Sullivan, the Washington Post (en)
Turkey: A tragedy in the making. The Economist (en)
The Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank: Hawk alert. The Economist (en)
Fishy tales. Charlemagne, The Economist (en)
Turkey: Beyond the veil. The economist (en)
France poaches top climate change eurocrat. Andrew Bounds, The FT (en)
For peat’s sake no, argue Irish farmers. Tony Barber and John Murray Brown, the FT (en)
Are European bankers pushing up oil prices? Paul Betts, The FT (en)

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