Monday, 8 September 2008

Blogs : 8th September (en, fr)

EU Wants To Limit Fees On Texting & Surfing. Dorian, Blogactiv.EU (en)
Calls to end the 'traveling circus'. Certain Ideas od Europe (en)
Russia wins another victory. EUReferendum (en)
The Thaw II. Julien Frisch, Watching Europe (en)
European perspective. Vitaliy, The 8th Circle (en)

Austrian Elections 2008 : The Background. Nanne, European Tribune (en)
"Austria is up for a snap election on the 28th of September. The 'grand' governing coalition between the social-democratic SPÖ and the conservative ÖVP collapsed in July. And the reasons for that collapse were interesting in the context of Europe. One of the disagreements was over a statement by the Chancellor, Alfred Gusenbauer of the SPÖ, who promised a referendum if an amended version of the Lisbon Treaty would have to be passed again..."

It begins.
"If anyone has been thinking that we are exaggerating about the looming energy crisis, read The Times today. It tells us that, yesterday, "the crumbling state of Britain's electricity network was exposed" when power station breakdowns caused the first energy shortage of the autumn. National Grid was forced to call for more power from electricity generators after a series of unexpected breakdowns left the company with an insufficient safety cushion..."

What happened to the world’s superpower? Stanley Crossick, Blogactiv.EU (en)
"... “Any failure traceable to arrogance or our lack of comprehension…would inflict upon us a grievous hurt, both at home and abroad”, said President Eisenhower in his farewell address ... Another history lesson ignored!
We are witnessing the result of the bankruptcy of the GW Bush foreign policy era. Needless to say, European leaders sat on their hands most of the time, and have still failed to step into this leadership vacuum, a development which would be welcome in several parts of the world. We are all quick to criticise American leadership, but, on many occasions, nothing would have happened without it. "

Weekend At Avignon for All ....
Les ministres s'amusent. Jean Quatremer, Les Coulisses de Bruxelles (fr)
Sweepstake. Jean Quatremer, Les Coulisses de Bruxelles (fr)
Un second « Gymnich » sous présidence française. Jean Quatremer, Les Coulisses de Bruxelles (fr)

CONservatorship- Fannie and Freddie. IronyToo (en) 7th September
"... The plan, devised by bankers from Morgan Stanley and agreed to by officials at the US Treasury, will see the pair placed under federal control, a move that could end up costing American taxpayers tens of billions of dollars..."

This week saw the pound hit an all time low against the euro.On wednesday the pound only got you €1.2282 - or to put it the other way round, a euro cost 81.4p ... The collapsing value of the pound will presumably increase the sterling cost of the UK's contribution to the EU...
... In 2005 Tony Blair agreed that the UK would, over the 7 year financial perspective (2007-13), pay €103 billion into the EU, and receive back €46bn - a net contribution of €57bn.
At December 2005 exchange rates that would have meant paying in £70bn, getting back £31bn and making a net contribution of £39bn.
But at today's exchange rate, that it will mean paying in £84bn, getting back £37bn and making a net contribution of £47bn.So the collapsing value of sterling could mean paying an extra £8 billion pounds into the EU..."

Ukraine: aah the joys of democracy. Vitaliy, The 8th Circle (en)
"Ukraine is reenacting its annual political crisis. It is not constitutional yet, but the instability of the ruling coalition was foreseen at its inception (a government with a majority of ONE vote is …eeeh unstable). Thus far, the rhetoric has been raised to the level of “parliamentary coup” and “Dictatorship of the Prime Minister.”...."

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