Monday, 22 September 2008

Newspapers : 22nd September

Russia defies West with new arms spending. Adrian Blomfield, The Telegraph (en)
Moscow widens emergency funding . Charles Clover, The FT (en)
Merkel vents annoyance over US and UK . Ralph Atkins, The FT (en)
Spain urges jobless immigrants to leave. Victor Mallet, The FT (en)
British Prime Minister’s Grip on Job Is Weakened. John Burns, The NYT (en)

France Worries About Financial Shock Wave From Across Atlantic. Steven Erlanger, The NYT (en)
" ... Eric Le Boucher, an economist and editor, said Thursday that “it’s frustrating for Europeans to think they are paying for the excesses of the American financial system,” according to Jacques Mistral, head of economic studies at the French Institute of International Relations.
Élie Cohen, director of research at the Center for Political Research at the Paris Institute of Political Studies, known as Sciences Po, and a member of the government’s Council of Economic Advisers, was blunter. “There’s certainly an idea that the American financial system has gone crazy,” he said in an interview. “This has dealt a mortal blow to the timid admiration we had of the American system. But not even the most conservative French person is capable of defending it anymore.” ... "

"... "The future coagulation of oil supplies to OPEC is a concern," said Christian Le Miere, a senior analyst at Janes Country Risk. "But Russia has previously pushed for the creation of a natural gas cartel along the lines of OPEC but it has been unsuccessful. And while it has cut supplies to countries in its 'near abroad' it has not done so to aggravate Western Europe."..."

Cern atom-smasher delayed at least 2 months. Kevin Dowling, The Times (en)
"Plans for the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) to start smashing its first particles have been set back by at least two months by damage to the plant, scientists at the project in Switzerland said today ..."

Brussels set to slash trademark fees. Nikki Tait, The FT (en)
" Trademark applicants in Europe could see fees slashed by more than one-third, after a deal was struck this weekend to resolve the long-standing problem of hundreds of millions of euros in unwanted surpluses at the European trademark office.The Alicante-based office - formally known as the Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market, or OHIM - has accumulated over Euros300m in spare funds, thanks largely to the greater-than-expected popularity of the ”community trademark”, an intellectual property right covering the EU ..."

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