Monday, 29 September 2008

People : 29th September (en)

Nicolas Sarkozy accused of 'brutal' temper. Peter Allen , The Telegraph (en)
" ... "He was used to being served," says Mrs Fulda, "He would ask me in the morning, 'Can you get my things ready?' Faced with my refusal, he would say, 'But Cecilia used to do it'." ...
... "The man of power often behaves like a child when he is told 'no'," Coudurier said. Cecilia then returned yet again, and Mr Sarkozy desperately tried to make her feel at home once he was elected president, suggesting that she would be the "new Jackie Kennedy" and sending her off on a mission to Libya ... "He is extremely considerate to people when they're on his side," said Coudurier. "But he can also be brutal." ... "

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