Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Webzines : 16th September (en)

EU finance ministers reject stimulus package. Leigh Phillips, EUObserver (en)

Opinion: EU Doing Little, But All It Can on Georgia. Christoph Hasselbach, Deutsche Welle (en)
" ... So which is the better strategy -- the confrontational approach pursued by NATO or the diplomatic and humanitarian course charted by the EU? It's legitimate to criticize the EU's vagueness and welcome de Hoop Scheffer's candor. Nonetheless, the EU is likely to achieve more than NATO ... "

From Magna Carta to Sharia Law – Britain’s Decline. A Millar, The Brussels Journal (en)
" ... The establishment of sharia law in Britain, even on a minor scale, not only undermines British law and culture of equality ‘under the law,’ with cases judged by a jury of one’s peers, but is implicitly menacing to people of all non-Muslim religions, atheists, conservatives, women, homosexuals, and people of all racial and ethnic backgrounds ..."

French EU presidency wants EU closer to NATO. Valentina Pop, EUObserver (en)
"The French EU presidency is to put forward a security package at the December summit aimed at relaunching the European security and defence policy (ESDP) with strong links to NATO ...
... From logistical shortcomings such as aircraft interoperability to stalled national investments for defence and the political "gulf" between NATO and the EU, the current ESDP has a number of areas that are "not satisfactory", Lieutenant General Patrick de Rousiers, France's military representative to the EU, said during the conference organised by Security and Defence Agenda, a Brussels based think-tank ...
... (Also) the UK's deputy permanent representative to NATO, Paul Flaherty, (who) said: "One of the main weaknesses of ESDP throughout the international community is the connection between the S and the D – security and defence." ..."

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