Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Webzines : 24th September

Sticky, Sweet, Stupid, Scary. Takuan Seiyo, The Brussels Journal (en)

Europe's digital library versus Google . Benjamin Lasry, CafeBabel (en)
" ... The European digital library will allow everyone, easily and quickly, either from their own country or from abroad, to access European artistic and literary works, explained Viviane Reding ...
... the commission estimates that it would cost 225 million euros to digitise five million works from European libraries, not counting paintings and manuscripts. In brief, won’t become a worthy competitor to Google overnight. In addition to this is the problem of authors’ rights: though the works that would be in the public domain could be accessed without problems, No solution has been found for accessing works protected by authors’ rights yet. This means then that the works that Europeana will make accessible in November will all be pre-20th century ..."

Europe's population would soon decline without migrants, says EU stats office.
" ... The EU's total population was up 0.48 percent last year - some 2.39 million people, reaching 497.5 million inhabitants, Eurostat said on Tuesday (23 September). The union is now getting very close to the ‘500 million' Europeans rounded-up number widely quoted by Brussels public figures ...
... The role of immigrants in maintaining Europe's population is larger even than these figures suggest, says Eurostat, as once they become established in their new countries, they also contribute to the natural change in population by having more children on average than native-born Europeans ... "

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