Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Cartoon, Comic : 23rd September Subprime Crisis for Dummy

Here is a very interesting Comic explaining our world financial crisis. It is not politically correct, but it shows that some people should give back their last YEARS Bonuses, pay fines and eventually go to Jail ... for irresponsible and concious acts.
Here in english :
Comic : Subprime for Dummies
Here in French :
Crise : la petite BD qui court de banque en banque sur Rue 89.

Here is an extract from a post on a blog, dated from the 23rd February 2008, already 9 months ago and very wise :
" ... Live and learn! For those who touted this as a loss, I say: “How can you lose something that was never there?”. $80 million subprime mortgages has never been worth $500 mils (Oops sorry, not mils, but Bills - billions). So in a way, we’re waking up to the reality, where as before we were dreaming ..."
Subprime woes explained, in comic form. Hilarious! Sharing is Living (en)

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