Monday, 1 September 2008

Interview of the Day : Nosemonkey on Blogactiv.Eu

Interview of Nosemonkey (EUtopia). Prune Antoine, Blogactiv.Eu (en)

"...most bloggers don’t stick at it for more than a few months, so Euroblogland is littered with dead blogs full of much the same sort of thing. There’s also very little detailed coverage of events in Brussels, Strasbourg, etc. - because there are very few insiders blogging, relatively few EU news sources, and because it’s mostly very boring..."

"...Being amateurs doing this as a hobby, we simply don’t have the time or resources - even collectively - to dig down and find the juicy bits that will be floating around among the tens of thousands of words of policy documents, briefing papers and the like that are produced daily by the innumerable EU institutions, thinktanks and lobby organisations. And so the EU continues to work largely unscrutinised by the public ..."

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