Thursday, 4 September 2008

Comment : Marianne Mikko and Blogging and Identity and Liberty and Reason

Reaction from an article from Open Europe Blog : More on Mikko by Open Europe Blog Team.
"... We do not need to know the exact identity of bloggers. We need some credentials, a quality mark, a certain disclosure of who is writing and why. We need this to be able to trust and rely on the source (...) It is clear that a Harvard professor of international relations is likely to treat, for instance, the Middle East peace process or European integration in an educated and balanced manner. The same trust cannot be put in a radical high school student from Gaza or a Eurosceptic who has never been out of his village..."

My reactive comment will be short. I will send back Marianne Mikko to her own name. She should be cautious with such a name.
Here is the link to Wikipedia/Marianne where it is said that :"Marianne, a national emblem of the French Republic, is, by extension, a personification of Liberty and Reason. She represents France, as a State, and its values (...)"

The only advice I will give her is first to leave to people the Liberty of speech and blogging. Second, I will strongly advice her to use her Reason when she read any information, to not always believe in 'trusted' sources, to not always despise 'untrusted' sources and eventually to always use her brain and knowledge to make her own mind and judgement.

Gwenael Mourey.

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Well put.