Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Newspapers : 2nd September (en)

Brown fails to make EU punish Russia. Bruno Waterfield, The Telegraph (en)
Brown says no 'business as usual' with Russia. Bruno Waterfield, The Telegraph (en)
EU is too faint hearted . The Telegraph (en)

Russia faces new Caucasus uprising in Ingushetia. Adrian Blomfield, The Telegraph (en)
“…The escalation comes amid growing signs of local anger that while Russia has backed the right of self-determination for the Georgian breakaway regions of South Ossetia and Ingushetia, separatism in the Russian Caucasus has been brutally crushed…
…Russian opposition newspapers have claimed that up to 1,200 Ingush police officers have resigned their jobs in protest at the war in South Ossetia, creating a power vacuum that could allow the insurgency to flourish…”

'Paper tiger' EU sends observers to Georgia. David Charter and Rory Watson, The Times (en)
Goodbye Monaco, hello Montenegro. Matthew Campbell, The Times (en)
Kremlin’s grip on troops tested. Charles Clover, The FT (en)
Editorial Comment: Overbanked and overcrowded. Editorial, The FT (en)

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