Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Blogs : 3rd September (en)

UK, BNP Youth Camp : Hitler Youth ? In Wales, European Tribune (en)
"...The bottom line is that the BNP is a racist party, it is a party that would want to control women, it is a party that would exclude and marginalise me as a disabled person, that would openly attack gay people... the list goes on. Yet the BNP are fairly good at presenting their respectable, well-dressed faces and claiming they are the only party for the indigenous people of the UK. And where there is diminishing distinction and increasing disillusionment with the main UK political parties, it's offering the BNP a ticket in..."

The wise and all-seeing leader. Helen, The EU Referendum (en)
"...Even Stalin was not quite as hands-on as the former President, now Prime Minister, Putin appears to be. They do seem to have one thing in common – an ability to get the western media all excited by their activity. The Russian media has little choice..."

A "changing media landscape". Richard, The EU referendum (en)
"The EU commission is bitching about the Irish media becoming "more eurosceptic" and "more tabloid" in its reporting in the years between the second Nice Treaty referendum and the Lisbon campaign..."

Corporate Europe needs a rethink. Stanley Crossick Blog, (en)
"...Long-term thinking in today’s 24/7 communications world is at a premium. But how do you persuade more corporations to give long-term support to think-tanks, rather than supporting activities that give them short-term exposure or which are of immediate importance to them?"

The Medvedev doctrine. Vitaliy, The 8th Circle (en)
1 International law
2 Multi-polar world
3 No isolation
4 Protect citizens
5 Spheres of influence

The West Must Hold Romania. Tapestry, The Tap (en)
"...However, were Romania to fall under Russian 'influence' or oppression, that would open up the Balkans and Central Europe, and present some stark strategic choices to NATO and the EU. Romania falling back under Russian control would make the likely future borders between the Russian and Western spheres of influence, a list of countries currently considered to be well within the Western camp. A glance at the map shows the importance of Romania clearly enough.The Russians are well aware of it. In the past, they have invaded the country no less than 13 times...."

The EU, Russia and Georgia: Round and round in circles. Nosemonkey, EUtopia (en)
Summit for nothing. Open Europe Blog (en)

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