Thursday, 2 October 2008

Video : 2nd October Lieutenant Vitaly Efremov Sent to SIBERIA because of this Video

I found the Video through the Times (UK). It seems that criticising the life conditions in the barracks is still a crime of Lese-Majeste in New Russia, even if it is done with humour.
Ironically for the Lieutenant Vitaly Efremov, he will have the opportunity to compare the Military Life condition between Saint Petersburg and the Deep Siberia.
I can't stop thinking that the Kremlin's authorities still have some humour too. A different kind of humour than the young Lieutenant, but still one.

" ... The lieutenant modelled his video on Stan by Eminem, in which the rapper sends a letter to a frustrated fan. The Russian letter is to Anatoly Serdyakov, the Defence Minister, and is set against a backdrop of military decay: a crowded barrack room with peeling wallpaper, a scabrous bathroom, erratic shower water and broken equipment ..."

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