Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Picture : 22nd October Sarkozy Voodoo Doll

Sarkozy threatens to sue over voodoo doll. Henry Samuel, The Telegraph (en)
" ... Each body part of the doll, which comes with a set of pins and a "voodoo instruction manual", is accompanied by a provocative quote related to the French president. These include his campaign slogan "work more to earn more," or "platform heels" – referring to the diminutive president's chunky shoes designed to gain a few inches in height. On his groin is written "scum" – the word he used to describe young suburban delinquents before the riots of 2005 ..."
Voodoo doll irks Sarkozy . Charles Bremner, The Times (en)
" ... The doll, issued 10 days ago, is matched by another set featuring Ségolène Royal, the Socialist whom he defeated in last year's presidential election. The voodoo kits had scored only a mild media interest until Sarkozy unleashed the legal artillery. The Sarkozy one at least is now likely to be a hit ...
... Sarkozy is breaking with a long tradition with his quick finger on the legal trigger. Other presidents -- the late François Mitterrand in particular -- have used dirty tricks such as tax audits and illegal phone-tapping to exact revenge against media trouble-makers but they have eschewed litigation. In January, Sarkozy sued Ryanair for using his image in a jocular advertisement. He sued Le Nouvel Observateur magazine last spring over a mobile phone text message that he purportedly sent his former wife Cécilia. He later dropped the case ..."

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I think, Sarkozy should do a repeat of the Mitterand self-defence doctrine: tax audits... that should "learn 'em!"