Thursday, 23 October 2008

23rd October : German reaction to Sarkozy's Bomb Speech

After Sarkozy speech in the European Parliament, I found an article from the Spiegel summarazing the German reactions via :
Nein, Danke from Open Europe Blog (en)
" ...Sarko has been busy cooking up a new plan to keep himself in the EU hotseat past December ... According to Le Monde (here on European Avenue) he neglected to consult Angela Merkel about the idea before announcing it in the European Parliament ... "

" ... On the morning after, however, as the first reviews come in, it's clear that the response to Sarkozy's attention-grabbing performance has not exactly been what he'd hoped for.
Nowhere more so than in Germany, where politicians, experts, and editorial boards have joined to issue a blistering critique of not only the French president's proposals, but also of his motives and theatrics. ...
... (From the Süddeutsche Zeitung ) "What Sarkozy is now proposing for Europe is the same thing he did a couple years ago to the French company Alstom when he was still Interior Minister. He saved the firm and Siemens from bankruptcy through a partial nationalization. Today Alstom is a model enterprise -- thanks to Sarkozy. This, at any rate, is the way that the president relentlessly presents it ... With the Alstom episode, Sarkozy already demonstrated an important characteristic: he is a crisis politician.... Europeans will have to endure this until the end of December. After that, the EU president emeritus will fall into a terrible funk if he doesn't manage to find another playground." ....

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