Saturday, 26 July 2008

Weekend's Link : 26th July (en)

France : The reformist president. The Economist (en)
Lisbon Treaty : Vote early, vote often. The Economist (en)
Serbia and Radovan Karadzic : Arrest of a bearded man. The Economist (en)
Bulgaria, Romania and the EU : Balkan blushes. The Economist (en)
Smoking in Germany : Bans up. The Economist (en)
Defensive gestures. Charlemagne, The Economist (en)
Sarkozy catches Obama fever. Henry Samuel in Paris and Alex Spillius, The Telegraph (en)
Ryanair sparks row with Italy. Adrian Michaels, The Telegraph (en)
Cyprus summit may set talks timetable. The Telegraph (en)
UK : The election that could rock the nation. Alan Cochrane, The Telegraph (en)
Leading article: Europe today. Tomorrow, America. The Independent (en)
Peace in our time – or more Euro-squabbling? Chris Patten, The Guardian (en) ***
3 Hours in Paris, and Smiles All Around. Jeff Zeleny and Steven Erlanger, The NYT (en)
Turkey and Greece to Make New Attempt at United Cyprus. Sebnem Arsu. The NYT (en)

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