Thursday, 10 July 2008

Today's Links : 10th of July

Europe's armies waste taxes, says report. Richard Norton-Taylor, The Guardian (en) ***
Gaddafi attacks Sarkozy plan for Med Union. Bruno Waterfield, The Telegraph (en)
MEPs vote to raise cost of European flights. Paul Eccleston, The Telegraph (en)
A lost heritage: Nazi pictures reveal full devastation wreaked by allied bombers. Kate Connolly, The Guardian (en) *
Welcome to club world. Editorial, The Guardian (en) *
Airlines banned from hiding flight costs. David Charter, The Times (en)
Little things can mean a lot in the machinations of great nations. Bronwen Maddox, The Times (en)
Trichet steps up inflation warnings. Ralph Atkins, The FT (en)
Gazprom offers to buy all Libya’s gas. Ed Crooks and Catherine Belton, The FT (en) ***
Comment: Appreciating Mandelson. Geoffrey Wheatcroft, The FT (en)
Court boosts patent protection hopes. Megan Murphy, The FT (en)
EU backs weekly release of oil data. Tony Barber, The FT (en) ***
Sarkozy Backing Barroso for a new Mandate. (fr)