Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Comment P : 'Natural' Sarkozy on 'Off time'

Nicolas Sarkozy secretly filmed getting angry at TV staff. Henry Samuel, The Telegraph (en)
Sarkozy gets real off camera. Charles Bremer, Blog, The Times (en)
''The video shows Sarko in his usual impatient form. He snaps at a technician who he believes has failed to return his "bonjour" as he clipped on his microphone. "It's a matter of upbringing," he lectures the man. "When you're a guest you have the right to expect a bonjour... Or we're not in the public service here, we are at a demonstration... Incredible... and serious...That's going to change."
Then he addresses Gérard Leclerc, one of the interviewers, using the informal -- and disrespectful -- "tu" and asks him: "How long did you spend in Siberia?". The reference (in the cupboard in French) was apparently to the journalist's recent assignment to off camera duties. "I wasn't in favour," he adds. The exchange shows Sarko's menacing mateyness with journalists.'' Charles Bremer 2008
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